Jurgens Superman Cover Unveiled for Hero Initiative Edition of Overstreet Price Guide

Gemstone Publishing has announced a special edition of this year's Comic Book Price Guide that will see all proceeds go to creators in need through the long-running Hero Initiative charity organization.

The special-edition sees a brand-new Superman cover by veteran writer-artist Dan Jurgens. Jurgens had a ten-year run writing and drawing Superman, and is back writing the character in "Action Comics," as part of DC Comics' line-wide "Rebirth."

"Few writers or artists have had the impact on Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's wonderful creation in the way that Dan Jurgens has over the years. As writer, artist or both, he's played a huge role in shaping the modern perception of the character and he's entertained countless readers by doing so," Gemstone Publishing pres Steve Geppi said in a statement. "We're very happy to have Superman on the cover of The Hero Initiative edition of 'The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #46.' Purchasing a copy is a great way for fans to celebrate not only Superman and Dan Jurgens' work, but to raise much-needed funds for a superb charity."

The special-edition Jurgens cover will only be available in hardcover. It goes on sale Wednesday, July 20, at the Hero Initiative booth (#5003) for San Diego's Comic-Con International. Remaining copies will be sold at the Hero Initiative website and through select participating retailers.

The standard editions of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #45 feature Harley Quinn and Power Girl, respectively, both illustrated by Amanda Conner. Additionally, there is a limited edition Hall of Fame cover which features Russ Heath's take on Sgt. Rock. All are available in soft cover and hard cover. The Hall of Fame/Sgt. Rock editions are limited to 1,000 copies each.

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