Jurgens & Medina's "Aquaman and the Others" Debuts in April

DC Comics' New 52 is about to have two ongoing Aquaman titles -- IGN reports that "Aquaman and the Others" written by Dan Jurgens with art by Lan Medina and Ed Tadeo will launch in April with a new #1 issue. According to IGN, the series features -- unsurprisingly -- Aquaman and the Others as they're hunted by a "mysterious foe" seeking to relieve them of the mythical golden artifacts that give the Others their powers.

Created by Geoff Johns and introduced during his run on "Aquaman," the Others were Aquaman's super-team before he joined the Justice League. "Aquaman and the Others" will not affect the publication of the current ongoing "Aquaman" series, written by Jeff Parker with art by Paul Pelletier.

Check out Ivan Reis and Joe Prado's cover for "Aquaman and the Others" #1 below and stay tuned for more details in anticipation of DC's April 2014 solicitations.

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