'Jurassic World' Tops 'Inside Out' With $102M Haul, On Historic Pace To $1B


Streaks and records are made to be broken. Nature finds a way. This summer, it's found a way even faster.

Despite making nearly a hundred million dollars in its first weekend, the release of 'Inside Out' constituted the first box office loss in Pixar’s history, as its $91M in sales were dwarfed by the historic behemoth that is 'Jurassic World.'

The franchise revival starring Chris Pratt racked up $102M in ticket sales over the weekend, marking only the second time in Hollywood history that a film has pulled greater than $100M for two separate weekends. The sales brought 'Jurassic World'’s domestic total to $398.2M.

It is a haul awe-inspiring enough to warrant its own John Williams overture.

Per Variety, it has drawn $167.1M from the Chinese box office, and netted $981.3M worldwide, putting it on target to cross the $1B threshold Monday, just thirteen days after its theatrical release. When it does, it will become the fastest film to ever reach the billion dollar mark, out-pacing the record set earlier this year by 'Fast 7,' which needed 17 days to cross that finish line.

The second-place finish of 'Inside Out' ends Pixar’s perfect run of first-place release weekend finishes, dating all the way back to the very first 'Toy Story.' But everything is relative, as the movie’s $91M net marked Pixar’s second biggest weekend ever, coming in behind only 'Toy Story 3.' It also drew $41M from foreign markets, although it has not yet been released to all territories.

(Via Variety)

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