Movie Legends: Were There Almost Dino-Men in Jurassic World?

MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: The idea of having dinosaur-men in "Jurassic World" was far enough along that they even did concept designs for the characters for the film.

Reader Henry G. wrote in asking about this one. This is a tricky legend because it combines some reality with some fictional aspects of the story, so the end result could be a bit confusing.

As you may or may not, before films actually begin production, a lot of time is spent on designing the various elements of the film. Sometimes, these designs end up being so bizarre that they don't make it into the final film (like H.R. Giger's design of a Batmobile for "Batman Forever") and other times, outside influences affect how something is designed (like the reason why there are two different "Ghostface" mask designs used in the movie "Scream"). Generally, though, they just give filmmakers an idea of what the film might look like and how much it might cost to produce.

In the case of "Jurassic World," back when the film was simply "Jurassic Park 4," there were a lot of different ideas about how to do the film. If you recall, the idea of splicing in DNA of other animals into the dinosaurs was a key part of Michael Crichton's original novel, "Jurassic Park," and played a role in the first film adaptation of the book, as well.

So back in 2005, John Sayles (of "Piranha" fame, although obviously he's done many fine films other than that one, but that's probably the most important film for this particular discussion) and William Monahan wrote a script for a possible "Jurassic Park 4" where they took the DNA-splicing to the logical extreme and had dinosaurs DNA-spliced with humans to create sort of dino-men soldiers who could problem solve and fire weapons. As you might imagine, this goes horribly, horribly wrong.

So back in 2012 (and this is really what Henry was writing in about), some concept art by artist Carlos Huarte began to float around the internet, showing that this idea had apparently not just been blown off, but had been taken seriously enough that concept art and mock-ups by Industrial Light and Magic had been made for the possible "Jurassic Park 4"...

Interesting stuff, right?

Except that it actually wasn't for the film in question. An Industrial Light and Magic representative explained to ScreenRant, regarding the concept work:

Not sure where this stuff came from but it’s not from a production we’ve worked on. Looks like someone’s personal work – ILM doesn’t put © lines on our work like in those images – we don’t own the work – the clients do.

As it turned out, it was just artist Carlos Huarte doing some design work on the side for fun. As he explained on his Instagram account:

I just did these for fun .. I did work on a version of that film but that version has nothing at all to do with the film .. It was just an experiment. There was no studio involved and no script.. Someone recently stole my work and posted it all over the internet as work from that film.. Which it wasn't..

So that's what I mean by it being a tricky question, Henry. Yes, at one point, someone DID work on a script that would have had dino-men in it, but that never went past the script stage, and the alleged "concept art for the film" was just an artist doing some speculative design work on his own for fun.

Ultimately, then, I'm going with this legend as...


Thanks for the suggestion, Henry!

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