Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's Best Easter Eggs


WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, in theaters now.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (directed by J.A Bayona) includes even more allusions and references to the Jurassic Park films than it's predecessor. As a result, while the actual plot has very little to do with the characters or events of the original film, you're sure to feel that it all connects anyway.

There are actually a lot of Easter eggs -- a lot -- and we won't be listing all of them out here; instead, we'll be focusing on the best of them. Most of these relate to Jurassic Park (directed by Steven Spielberg) or its sequels and blend quite naturally with the rest of the film. On the other hand, some are there not because they take us back, but because they're fun little things to find.

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The Dumbwaiter


During the Indoraptor's rampage throughout Lockwood Manor, it starts chasing Maisie, who flees from it like any sane person would and eventually finds herself jumping quickly into a dumbwaiter, one she used before to sneak through the manor. With the Indoraptor charging down the hallway with its claws outstretched, Maisie tries to shut the doors but finds that they're stuck. Luckily, with enough force, they close and she's able to escape just in time.

Newcomers to the franchise aren't likely to recognize this but the scene is a clear callback to the café kitchen scene from Jurassic Park in which Lex (Ariana Richards) tries to shut herself in a small cabinet and finds that the doors won't move. Luckily, the raptor chasing her crashes into stainless steel, mistaking Lex's reflection for the real thing.

The Tyrannosaurus


It isn't a true Jurassic Park film without the T-Rex's signature roar. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom goes a step further and has one of the major staples of the franchise chomp down on Mills (Rafe Spall), fight off a Carnotaurus (again), and turn around to strike that famous pose before letting out a huge roar.

One of the last scenes of Fallen Kingdom alludes to the final shot of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, in which the T-Rex struck that exact pose and let out a roar after defeating three Velociraptors. It's not necessarily immediately obvious, but it's a subtle way of paying homage to the film that made the T-Rex famous.

The Original Park


In Lockwood Manor, sitting in Lockwood's bedroom is a miniature model of John Hammond's original park, including the original hut-like visitor center, a long wire fence and the gates, decorated with fire. Along the edges of the model is a miniature jeep, just like the ones in the original film; and a herd of model Parasaurolophus right next to a model T-Rex.

It's only there in the shot for a brief moment when Lockwood (James Cromwell) is talking to Maisie (Isabella Sermon) about her mother. He says that she would have saved the dinosaurs on the island as the camera pans down toward the model gate. It's a brief and subtle reminder of the events and lessons of the first film, lessons that might inform your perception of the message Fallen Kingdom is trying to convey.

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