What We Want From Jurassic World 3

Colin Trevorrow, who co-wrote the trilogy with Derek Connolly, has stated in interviews that he has always known where he wanted to take the franchise. His intentions have become evident with the ending of the most recent film as the series takes us deeper into sci-fi territory. This isn't news, as he has made statements preparing us for this in the past. For example, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he described Jurassic World 3 as being a science-thriller. Luckily,  according to Trevorrow, that doesn't include another hybrid dinosaur. It's evident he knows what fans tend to expect after two films that may share far to many similarities, but what exactly do they want?

Aside from bigger and better chase sequences and dinosaur fights, fans will want something more from the final film in the trilogy. Perhaps the return of Ellie Sattler, whose role as the practical paleobotanist from Jurassic Park would undoubtedly fit into the narrative at this point and would redeem the franchise for its tragic misuse of her character in Jurassic Park III. But again, there has to be more than just dinosaur fights and familiar characters.


The plot of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, as we've explained, developed the themes of the original trilogy and included far more in the way of complexities and relevance than the original ever could. The Jurassic World trilogy explores the effect of human greed on scientific progress, scientific progress and human recklessness, nature versus humankind and the illusion of control. As wild and crazy as the events of Jurassic World 3 could imaginably become, it's vital that the concluding film continues to be built around those themes. Even more so that it at least attempts to develop those themes even further without repetition or worse, ignoring details that have already been established like say, Pteranadons that escaped from Isla Sorna and were never seen or heard of again. The film must deal with all the hypothetical consequences of every major action in Fallen Kingdom and the films that preceded it. Unless the filmmakers wish to undermine lucid reminders like, "you can't put it back in the box."

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That brings us to one the minds that unleashed this awesome power in the first place. Dr. Henry Wu. He was last seen in Fallen Kingdom being dragged away by a goon as he lay unconscious after being attacked and sedated by Franklin (Justice Smith). This is the second time in the trilogy that he has gotten away, which means he'll probably be back for Jurassic World 3 to exacerbate the issues that might arise. That's just one option. Although his actions have always proven to come with dire consequences, he is at his core, a man of science. It's possible that Jurassic World 3 will instead see the character redeemed in some way as he helps to set a new equilibrium between man and nature. Either way, fans will want to see the conclusion of this character's story.

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