Movie Legends: Did Jurassic Park Have THREE Different Endings?

MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: "Jurassic Park" originally had two different endings.

Legends are up a bit late this week because I had an article about "Get Out" scheduled to go up on Friday night and I wanted to reference that movie in this week's legends and I figured I might as well wait until I could link to that article.

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"Get Out" also famously had a very different alternate ending that ended up getting changed before the film was released. That reminded me of another movie with a notable alternate ending.

Endings to movies change for all sorts of reasons that we've covered a number of times in past Movie Legends Revealed. Sometimes they ere too happy. Sometimes they weren't happy enough. Sometimes the audience doesn't like when you try to reveal that the film's villain was secretly a good guy the whole time. And sometimes people just don't believe that Bill Murray could beat up Robert DeNiro.

In the case of "Jurassic Park," it seems like it just went the same way as "Back to the Future"'s squashed ending with Marty traveling back to the future by hiding in a refrigerator during a nuclear explosion, namely that their original endings were just too expensive to film.

Recently, an alternate ending for "Jurassic Park" was discovered by Jurassic Time that showed a dramatic sequence where the Tyrannosaurus Rex chases our heroes to the helicopter pad and as they are taking off to escape, it actually grabs a hold of the helicopter!!

In the actual finished film, the adults and the kids make it to the helicopter easily, as the T-Rex is distracted as it is killing the velociraptors that had previously chased the gang into the park center.

It seems apparent that they just didn't want to film another elaborate special effects sequence on top of that one, so everyone just gets out okay without one last scare.

However, that alternate ending was just the SECOND alternate ending to the film!

The first ending to the film was eventually revealed on the DVD to the film, and it looks like it was even LESS elaborate than the ending that they ultimately went with. In fact, it sort of looks like they went in between the two different endings in terms of budget issues. The other scrapped ending was too elaborate, while this one was not elaborate ENOUGH.

They are chased into the park center just like in the original, only here they take on and kill the velociraptors all themselves, with a bloodied Hammond delivering the killing shot on the final raptor. Then they all board the helicopter and escape. So the Tyrannosaurus Rex doesn't even get in on the final action in the original ending! That would have been a bummer!

You can check out the other alternate ending here...

The legend is...


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