Jupiter's Legacy Netflix Series Looks to Cast Two Key Roles

Netflix signed a deal with Mark Millar in 2017 to bring Millarworld under its umbrella, both for comic books and new television shows to air on their streaming service. The first Millarworld comic book series announced for Netflix was The Magic Order, and then Netflix announced in 2018 which Millarworld TV shows were in development, which included Jupiter's Legacy.

Now that Netflix is officially starting production on Jupiter's Legacy, the streaming giant is reportedly in talks with Josh Duhamel and Elena Kampouris for the leads of the series.

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According to Geeks WorldWide, Duhamel will play Sheldon Sampson. In the series, Sampson is known as The Utopian, a Superman-styled figure who wants to bring America back to its place of glory. Elena Kampouris is a relatively new face in Hollywood, making her film debut in the 2013 movie Labor Day. Kampouris will reportedly take on the role of Chloe Sampson, the daughter of The Utopian. She is one of the second-generation heroes who inherited her powers from her parents but prefers to party over fighting crime.

The Netflix original series is based on the 2013 comic books written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Frank Quitely. Jupiter's Legacy follows the offspring of the first generation of heroes that saved the world and their children, who are now spoiled pseudo-celebrities with no responsibilities. When one of the first generation heroes decides to take over the world, the kids rise up to stop him.

Duhamel's reps did not respond to inquiries but the site mentions the role was also offered to Eric Bana and Pablo Schreiber, who both passed on it. Duhamel is widely known from his role in Michael Bay's Transformers franchise. This would be his first superhero role.

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Jupiter's Legacy has some big talent behind the camera as well. On top of Mark Miller as the producer, Daredevil's Steven S. DeKnight has signed on as the showrunner. Most recently DeKnight directed the big-budget action movie Pacific Rim Uprising.

Jupiter's Legacy is the first live-action Millarworld production for Netflix, to then be followed by American Jesus. Other upcoming properties include Prodigy, Empress, Sharkey the Bounty Hunter and Huck.

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