Jupiter's Legacy Could Be Headed to TV Instead of Film

Some acclaimed comic book series are better fitted to adaptation for television rather than for film, while for others, the reverse is true. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who's producing Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's generational epic "Jupiter's Legacy," believes this particular tale may be best suited to serialized, long-form storytelling.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in support of his new film "Deepwater Horizon," disaster, Bonaventura said he's interested in producing superhero movies but "that market is saturated now."

"I have a project with Mark Millar, who wrote [the comic that became] 'Kingsman: The Secret Service,' that is a superhero project: 'Jupiter's Legacy,'" he said. "What attracted me to it was it's not repeating what everybody else has done. It's not yet set up at a studio. Its universe is so expansive that it's, in some ways, more conducive to a television treatment."

Even so, Bonaventura said, he won't turn his nose up at the opportunity to do "Jupiter's Legacy" as a film, if that's how the pieces fall into place: "I'm doing it either way."

Responding to the report on his message board, Millar seems pleased to take either route. "Screenplay is in next week, but we're so excited about this massive, expansive story that this could be a lot bigger and a lot longer than any of us expected," he wrote.

Debuting in 2013 from Image Comics, "Jupiter's Legacy" tells the story of two generations of heroes shaping, and shaped by, the course of world events and changing society from the early 1930s to present day, as the younger heroes struggle with their failure to live up to their parents' legacies.

Two prequel series, titled "Jupiter's Circle," were written by Millar with art by Wilfredo Torres. The direct sequel, "Jupiter's Legacy 2," is now in progress, featuring art by Quitely, Peter Doherty and Rob Miller.

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