Jupiter's Circle (FULL ISSUE) #1

In honor of the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage, Image Comics and Millarworld have released the first issue of "Jupiter's Circle" #1 completely free to readers.

"Jupiter's Circle is about a gay superhero in 1959, keeping his sexuality as secret as his alter-ego in an era where being a gay man would mean being ruined and expulsion from his very conservative super-team. It's rated Teen-Plus and this issue comes with a special rainbow cover to commemorate the day gay Americans got the same rights as everyone else. We hope you enjoy it. Very best wishes from all your friends at Millarworld and Image Comics #lovewins"

The most celebrated superheroes in mid-century America seem to have it all- fame, riches, adoration-but tensions simmer beneath the glossy surface, threatening to crack open the secrets behind their public AND private exploits.

Before the family dynasty in JUPITER'S LEGACY began, there was JUPITER'S CIRCLE-a story about a team whose personal dramas collide with super-powered spectacle!

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