Jungle Batman Funko POP! Strips Down the Dark Knight

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It’s not difficult to conjure up an image of Batman in your mind: There’s the cape, the cowl, the pointy ears, the utility belt and the rough sash made of animal furs. Or … maybe not that last one. Except for this one time.

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The latest Funko POP! figure, exclusive to Funko-Shop.com, recalls one of Batman’s stranger adventures, from all the way back in 1952. As it turns out, there was a single issue of DC Comics' "Batman" in which both the Caped Crusader and his sidekick Robin were forced to strip down to their most basic of basics after a shipwreck stranded them on a jungle island. Of course, the Dynamic Duo had good intentions: They were simply trying to transport the Sinister Eight to Satan Island when things went a little haywire (but that’s only to be expected when you’re en route to a place named Satan Island).

“Batman” #72 has a whole host of unique moments, like scene in which a black panther attacks Robin, but Batman comes to his sidekick's aid ... and knocks out the big cat with a massive branch. At one point, Batman and Robin are almost able to make it off the island in a purloined yacht, only to be seized by a massive octopus.

The Jungle Batman Funko POP! retails for $14.99. It is a limited-run figure of which only 10,000 will be made available.

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