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June 2016’s Marvelous Marvel Highlights: “Civil War II,” “Star Wars” & More

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June 2016’s Marvelous Marvel Highlights: “Civil War II,” “Star Wars” & More

A month after “Captain America: Civil War” hits theaters, a second Civil War begins in earnest at Marvel Comics. June usually means the end of school and the beginning of summer, but this year it will also means mounting tension and casualties as Marvel fans will witness the launch of “Civil War II” and its far-reaching effects spread across the Marvel Universe.

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While “Civil War II” is the main event, Marvel will also offer up other action in June involving galaxies far, far away and eras past. While every month offers its challenges when it comes to choosing what to purchase, CBR has combed through Marvel’s June releases to help you select the best possible Marvel books ranging from a mutant team-up for the ages, an Election Year must read, a plethora of “Star Wars” goodies and the 200th issue celebration of one of Marvel’s brightest stars. If you can’t buy everything coming from the House of Ideas, these are the books that will be screaming for your attention as the summer officially gets underway.

“Civil War II” #1 & #2

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Marquez

The exact nature of the conflict at the heart of “Civil War II” has been kept under lock and key, but readers will get a chance to discover it for themselves this June. The fan-favorite creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez promise a sweeping epic that will involve a new Inhumans character who can predict the future and heroes aligning behind Iron Man or Captain Marvel. June will see two issues of “Civil War II,” and unlike the original event from ten years ago, this one will involve new players such as Miles Morales, Inhumans aplenty and Carol Danvers in a key role, with Bendis explicitly promising his story won’t tread on familiar ground. The battle will also inform countless other characters and titles, making the core book all the more important in understanding what’s going on the Marvel U.

“Vote Loki” #1

Writer: Christopher Hastings

Artist: Langdon Foss

In recent years, Loki has been an evil trickster god, an evil trickster goddess, a precocious teenager, a super hero and a secret agent. Now, in the most surreal and divisive election year in decades, Loki will become… a presidential candidate? The God of Lies as the President of the United States? What could go wrong. Marvel has taken Loki in some fascinating directions since the character branched off on his own adventures in the pages of the late “Journey Into Mystery.” If Marvel’s quality string of Loki features holds strong, this Election Year will be a very memorable one for fans of Thor’s untrustworthy brother.

“Silver Surfer” #6

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist: Michael Allred

Thanks to the consistent quality of its creative team, “Silver Surfer” has been one of Marvel’s most consistently satisfying reads since Dan Slott and Michael Allred took the helm. June will see them celebrate the historical 200th issue of “Silver Surfer” as Norrin Radd teams team up with the Amazing Spider-Man, whose adventures Slott has guided for years. The Silver Surfer has a deep legacy of high-flying cosmic stories and Marvel has promised a major status quo change for the Surfer before this historic 200th issue. Slott and Allred deliver the humor and the majesty that made “Silver Surfer” one of Marvel’s most beloved titles and readers will see how this change affects the character’s All-New, All-Different future.

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adaptation” #1

Writer: Chuck Wendig

Artist: Luke Ross

“Star Wars: Han Solo” #1

Writer: Marjorie Liu

Artist: Mark Brooks

There was a time when films of all sorts received comic book adaptations. From the original “Star Wars” to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” to “Blade Runner” and beyond, adaptation comics were expected for major sci-fi movies. That grand tradition returns to Marvel with the first issue of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in June. While the adaptation will arrive more than six months after the film hit theaters, fans are still anxious to learn more about new characters like Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren and BB-8, who will all make their comic book debuts with the series. For added “Star wars” authenticity, the adaptation is written by Chuck Wendig, the famed sci-fi novelist perhaps best know for the in canon “Star Wars: Aftermath” novel.

For those hankering for more classic Star Wars action, Marvel will also deliver a new tale of Han Solo in his prime in “Star Wars: Han Solo” #1. The best cure for missing the scruffy looking nerf herder is a new story featuring rare interior artwork by Mark Brooks and a story written by Marjorie Liu, meaning there are multiple reasons to get excited about “Han Solo’s” solo comic.

“Deadpool V Gambit” #1

Writers: Ben Acker & Ben Blacker

Artist: Danilo Beyruth

Marvel has certainly taken advantage of Deadpool’s mainstream success with a bevy of quality Deadpool projects released around the Merc’s big screen breakout, and June adds one more when Deadpool runs afoul of Gambit. Writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, the co-creators of the “Thrilling Adventure Hour” podcast, certainly know their way around a humorous script and should bring that signature wit to a story featuring two of Marvel’s most popular X-Men characters. The story takes place in the past and shines light on an untold tale of two con men forced to work together to pull off the ultimate con — if they can stop fighting long enough to get anything done.

Which Marvel releases are you excited for this June? Let us know on the CBR Community.

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