10 Anime Characters That We Wish Were In Jump Force

Jump Force is a Shounen Jump fighting game developed by Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco. The game features our beloved anime characters fighting against one another in battle. Released on February 15, 2019, this list looks at 10 characters that needed to be in Jump Force.

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Jump Force is not even a year old and has released some characters as DLC, but the roster looks to be basically complete. While the list is restricted to shounen characters, the scope will be widened to consider franchises not published on Shounen Jump.

10 Tanjirou Kamado – Demon Slayer

Kicking off the list is Tanjirou Kamado from Demon Slayer. The anime made waves during the spring 2019 season and got many people talking. Tanjirou is a sword user who fights demons that once slaughtered his family.

Joining the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjirou wants to avenge his dead family and demon sister Nezuko. Tanjirou would fit into Jump Force because he has good speed, agility, and ability to attack from range using a sword.

9 Meliodas – The Seven Deadly Sins

The Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, Meliodas would make a great fit for Jump Force. As one of the strongest characters in The Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas has a combat class of 142,000 with 400 in magic, 960 in strength, and 2,010 in spirit.

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Meliodas’s signature ability is called Full Counter which allows him to reflect any magic attack. Counters are typically strong moves in fighting games and with Meliodas’s fast pace and agile jumps, he would fit in just fine.

8 Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

While Shounen is targeted to boys aged 12 to 18, Erza Scarlet can certainly fight with the boys. Currently, there aren’t many female characters in Jump Force, but they may just need a strong female lead.

Erza would fit into Jump Force because of her strength in battle. The S-class mage can use Requip, a type of magic that lets her change her armor and weapons based on the conditions of battle. This could create a unique mechanic in the game that lets Erza change forms throughout a fight.

7 Tsukasa Shishiou – Dr. Stone

One of the antagonists in Dr. Stone, Tsukasa Shishiou would fit Jump Force because of his ruthless aggression. Tired of living in a world of adults, Tsukasa smashes the stone statues with his bare hands.

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Also, in the series, Tsukasa is seen wrestling a lion which he takes care of easily. Tsukasa’s strength is off the charts, but he’s also smart too. Attempting to kill Senkuu, Tsukasa knows he can’t take him lightly. Senkuu had to invent gunpowder just to deal with this one person.

6 Eren Yeager – Attack on Titan

Is transforming into a titan considered cheating? Eren Yeager is a member of the Survey Corps, graduating fifth in his class. While Eren may not be the strongest as a human, his titan form would let him keep up in Jump Force.

Eren would have a meter mechanic where after he gains enough meter from distributing and taking hits, he can transform into his Titan form, gaining strength and speed. This could also leave room for other titan characters from Attack on Titan to join as well.

5 Koro-Sensei – Assassination Classroom

The unkillable teacher, Koro-sensei would be a tough character to balance in Jump Force seeing that his name means he cannot die. Although he does have one of the most heartbreaking anime deaths, Koro-Sensei would be a good brawler for Jump Force.

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Being able to utilize his tentacles, Koro-sensei would grab onto his opponents and not let go. Think of all the combos that Koro-Sensei would be able to pull off, juggling between his tentacles.

4 Noelle Silva - Black Clover

Another female representation to add to Jump Force, Noelle Silva is a water magic user of royalty. While unable to control her water creation magic at the start of the series, Noelle has a pretty good grasp on how strong she really is.

Noelle’s signature move is Sea Dragon’s Roar. Noelle’s immense power would allow her to end foes quickly. However, if the attack doesn’t land, she will need some time to recover.

3 Shinra Kusakabe – Fire Force

Next on the list is the fire manipulator, Shinra Kusakabe. Shinra is part of the Eighth Special Fire Brigade and is a Third-Generation Ability User.

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This means Kusakabe can manipulate flames using his feet. Some of the benefits this ability grants are increased speed and agility and resistance to fire. Shinra would be able to control fire in Jump Force, using it to attack and defend. He can create space with fire as well as close the distance between him and his opponents.

2 Saiki Kusuo – The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Saiki Kusuo is a gifted genius with psychic powers. A student at PK Academy, Saiki can use his psychic powers in different ways. While telepathy might not be the most useful ability in a fight, Saiki can also hover in the air giving him access to aerial attacks.

In the anime, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., Saiki states that if we decided to wipe out all of humanity, it would only take him three days. If he truly does have this much power, it would be fair to say that he is a top tier choice for Jump Force.

1 Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist

Rounding off the list is Edward Elric, an alchemist user. After using forbidden alchemy, he lost two of his limbs. Replaced with an artificial arm and leg, Edward would bring a ranged character into Jump Force.  While still skilled in hand to hand combat, Edward would be able to use alchemy from a distance to fight his opponents.

The artificial arm Edward has in the Fullmetal Alchemist series is used as a blade and shield, meaning that Edward can use it to attack and defend. With the power of alchemy and physical strength on his side, Edward would fit right into Jump Force.

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