July 28, 2006

The Pipeline Podcast takes this week off, but will return next week before the delayed New Comic Book Day in the States.

For this week, though, I thought I'd bring you the top ten list of releases, anyway. There's a lot of good stuff hitting shops this week, after all, even if I didn't get the chance to record my thoughts into a microphone.

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Now, here's this week's Top Ten list (with comments) for July 28, 2006, from 10 down to 1:

10. Marvel Spotlight Neil Gaiman Salvador Larroca, $2.99

I always love these interview magazines. Hopefully, this will be more than just the transcript of Marvel's recent podcasts with Gaiman. (Part 1, Part 2)

9. Invincible #33, $2.99

I have in my hands a copy of the second hardcover collection of INVINCIBLE. It's a beautiful book, with lots of extras stuffed into the back. I also have the sixth trade paperback. And now I can officially overdose with the latest issue. Yay!

Kirkman's Empire continues to expand.

8. Daredevil #86, $2.99

Can't go wrong with this title these days.

7. Nextwave Agents Of Hate #6, $2.99

I can't remember the last time I slyly giggled my way through a Marvel book so much.

6. Ultimate Spider-Man #96, $2.99

It's always on this list, isn't it?

5. Previews

This is the basis for next week's Pipeline Commentary and Review column, which might be delayed to Wednesday, also, due to the holiday.

4. Leading Man #1 (Of 5), $3.50

I reviewed that in this week's column. Click over there now to read what I thought of it. Hint: I liked it.

3. Civil War Front Line #2 (Of 10), $2.99

I admit it: I'm fully sucked into this event.

2. Savage Dragon #127, $2.99

Any week with a new issue of Erik Larsen's baby is a good week for me.

1. Solo #11, $4.99

Could there be any doubt that Sergio Aragones would take the top spot this week? Heck, no.

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