Julius Schwartz dies at the age of 88

[Showcase 4]Comics writer Mark Evanier has reported the unfortunate news that comics legend Julius Schwartz died this morning at Winthrop Hospital in New York City at 2:30 AM. He was 88.

Schwartz was a pioneer of the Silver Age of comics, joining DC and immediately having an effect on the publications of that company. The majority consensus agrees that the Golden Age of Comics gave way to the Silver Age of Comics with the publication of DC's "Showcase" #4 in 1956 when DC revived the Flash. The job of editing the title fell to Schwartz and the changes to the Flash were guided by him. The response was so positive that the character was brought back in future issues of the anthology and the character was ultimately awarded his own series in 1959. The impact of this book changed the landscape of super hero comics forever. To this day he is considered one of comics' greatest editors.

Funeral services for Schwartz will be held tomorrow morning, February 9th.

For more on the Schwartz and his career, we encourage you to head over to Mark Evanier's Web site.

Back in 2002 our own Scott Shaw! took a look at some of Schwartz's handy work in his Oddball Comics column. Click the following links for a look at the work of Schwartz.

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