Juliet Landau Writes Drusilla Spinoff "Buffy" Comic

Actress Juliet Landau is back to reprise a fan-favorite role -- but not in the way you'd think. This June, Landau will pen a five-issue "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" spinoff series starring Drusilla, her character from the television show. EW.com reports the Drusilla spin-off will pick up directly after Dru's appearance in "Angel & Faith" #9 with art by Cliff Richards and Tim Seeley. Landau previously wrote two issues of IDW's "Angel: After the Fall" in 2010, another arc which focused on Drusilla.

"I think you will get different sides of Drusilla than have ever been seen before," Landau told EW.com, emphasizing her enjoyment in crafting the character on "Buffy." "It was an actor's dream role. There's so much range and dimension and so many different colors to the character. It's just really rife with possibilities in terms of where you can go. You can go to any era or any direction, really."

In 2010, "Angel & Faith" writer Christos Gage spoke to how Drusilla fits into the greater scheme of the title. "Faith's father -- who has never been shown before -- returns to her life, and you can bet that's not going to be a simple situation," Gage said of issue #6. "But the 'Daddy Issues' referred to in the title also allude to the relationship between Drusilla and her sire, Angel. Drusilla knows him like few others do, and will reveal to readers a major part of Angel's plan to resurrect Giles -- a part that will potentially cause huge problems down the road. ... I think fans will be very surprised by Dru. You'll see her in a way you haven't seen her before. That's not hype, it's fact! And yes, she's a great deal of fun to write."

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