Julie Benz Returns To Haunt <i>Dexter</i>

Some how, some way, Rita Morgan is resurfacing for the upcoming fifth season of Dexter, the critically acclaimed Showtime series starring Michael C. Hall. But exactly how can Julie Benz's character return after being brutally murdered at the hands of the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) in last season's final episode?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Benz is returning for the season five premiere, and that's it. New showrunner/executive producer Chip Johannessen explains that the show won't "do some ghostly thing with her," with fellow executive producer Sara Colleton adding: "We reserve those for Harry. If you have too many things like that it becomes gimmicky." The producers also confirmed that Rita won't return from beyond the grave.

So if she's not a ghost and if she's not miraculously revived, what's the deal? One particularly astute EW commenter guesses that she'll show up in an old wedding video. Sounds pretty on the money to me.

In addition to Dexter, Benz has a regular role opposite Michael Chiklis on ABC's forthcoming No Ordinary Family about a family of super-powered individuals.

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