Julia Roberts Reteams With <i>Glee</i> Creator, Sets Back Feminist Cause Decades

Even before their first collaboration together (Eat Pray Love) has hit theaters, Julia Roberts and Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy have already signed on to reteam on a comedy where - get this! - a businesswoman learns that her place is in the home!

Okay, I'm sure that the (as-yet-untitled) movie will be better than this description sounds ("In the romantic comedy, Julia will play a working woman married to a stay-at-home husband. She loses her job, their roles are reversed, and she has to adjust to motherhood"), but I can't quite get my head around such a conservative comedy coming from Murphy, even if he's getting $5million from Sony Pictures for it. On the other hand, Glee managed to be surprisingly subversive, so some hope can be held out. Murphy will write the movie soon, with hopes to direct it during a Glee lull next year.

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