Juggernaut unleashed in <i>Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2</i>

After posting the Deadpool video a few minutes ago, I noticed that The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 site had posted another character announcement for the game -- Juggernaut:

Artist Bryan Shutt writes:

My main goal with Juggernaut was to make him look like a mobile wrecking ball. From his gargantuan muscle mass to the impenetrable components of his costume, everything about him needed to feel solid and heavy.

At first glance, our Juggernaut stays fairly true to the comics, but you’ll notice that we made a few tweaks here and there. One thing I wanted to do was give him the ability to turn his head (poor guy probably falls for that sneaky tap-on-the-shoulder trick every time). So we broke up his massive dome into a ball-and-socket design that allows the inner helmet to swivel inside a larger collar. I then wanted to secure the whole contraption to his suit in a way that felt believable, so we bolted it to heavy duty cross straps on his chest and back. In the comics the helmet tends to look mysteriously fused into his costume, or in some cases, like it’s just resting on his shoulders. In our version the helmet’s anchor straps fit snuggly around Juggernaut’s pecs and shoulder blades. I think it adds a nice touch visually, while still staying true to the existing design.

Edit: Apparently Juggernaut is only available if you pre-order the game through GameStop.

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