Unstoppable: 15 Things About The Juggernaut Only Real Fans Know

With the release of a certain Marvel film featuring a talkative mercenary with a heart of gold, the subject of the Juggernaut has been a highlight in the geek zeitgeist once again. After his unfortunate introduction in X-Men Last Stand (the movie we will all collectively bury in the garbage dump where all those E.T. Atari games are -- never to be seen or heard from again if we are lucky), it looked like the beloved dome-headed powerhouse was never going to get any limelight again. That is, until now.

Making his debut in the 12th issue of the X-Men comic penned by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby, he was one of the first major foes the mutant heroes ever faced. However, The Juggernaut is not just a super strong villain-turned-hero-turned-villain, there is a lot more than meets the eye with this guy. From comics to video games, cartoons, and even classic memes, The Juggernaut has become an unshakable presence in the hallowed halls of geekdom. For the next 15 entries, we will rummage through his entire history in the Marvel comics and pull up some of the most impressive, daring, and downright terrifying things that the Juggernaut has done thanks to his impossibly-powered super body!

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In spite of his immense powers and a freakish frame that goes beyond what is humanly possible, the man known as The Juggernaut is just that: a man. He is not a mutant at all. In a surprising twist, The Juggernaut does not have a single x-gene in his entire ginormous body. The true source of his powers is a lot more mystical, and much less scientific, not to mention really, really traumatic.

The Juggernaut, aka Cain Marko, is the half brother of Charles Xavier, bald figurehead of the X-Men. However, before all that, Cain was the victim of years upon years of psychological and physical abuse by his father, while Charles was treated kindly and with more love than was ever shown to Cain. This led to resentment and jealousy stewing within Cain for decades. As the years passed, both brothers joined the military and entered a theater of duty in Asia, where Cain deserted with Charles giving chase. Soon, they found themselves in a cave which housed the Gem of Cyttorak, an all powerful demonic entity. Once Cain touched the gem, he was infused with the demon’s power and became The Juggernaut.


When imbued with the power of Cyttorak, The Juggernaut is able to utilize his signature ability befitting his namesake; the ability to bulldoze through anything and anyone as long as he gains enough momentum. Once he hits his stride, there is little to nothing that can stop The Juggernaut getting from Point A to Point B if he so chose. Using a perfected North to South offensive style, The Juggernaut can plow through even the most dense and hardened of materials without breaking a sweat, though he will break any and all materials around him while en-route.

One instance of this is during one of his early berserk-like rampages, he ran through the ground floor of a skyscraper building, knocking out the supporting struts like they were a child's building blocks. Subsequently, this brought the whole building toppling on top of him, only for him to simply strut on through the rubble like he was stepping through a gentle snow drift in the winter. When he is in motion, nothing can even slow him down; Wolverine’s claws, a full-force optic blast from Cyclops, nor even Thor’s hammer can pause his advancement when he really goes into fifth gear. The only known things that have really stopped him are Onslaught and an Apocalypse-powered incredible Hulk.


Since the Juggernaut is more of a title bestowed upon the holder of the Cyttorak gem, anyone who has it in their possession can become the mystical force of power. One of the more notable members who took on the crimson dome of the Juggernaut was everyone’s favorite steel plated Russian, Colossus. This decision came about during the Fear Itself arc, where Cain Marko dumped Cyttorak and became the emissary of a long dormant god of chaos known as the Serpent , who was about to wreak havoc on earth. In a desperate bid to save humanity, Colossus struck a deal with Cyttorak himself to become his avatar. With the deal set, he was imbued with the mighty powers of the Juggernaut and became the latest inheritor of the jewel’s abilities.

While Colossus was the avatar for Cyttorak, he still retained his organic metal mutation, which he combined to further amplify both sides of his powers. Colossus was already quite durable in his original steel form and was able to withstand 110 mm howitzer shell, extreme cold and heat ranging from -390 degrees fahrenheit below zero and above 9000 degrees fahrenheit. These feats were amplified 1000-fold with the Juggernaut flowing through him which granted him nigh-invulnerability, greater healing, and that signature unstoppable motion. However, Cyttorak’s influence also made him desire to cause destruction and violence - going against his usual gentle nature.



To say that The Juggernaut is powerful would be as strong an understatement as saying fire is hot. His raw physical strength alone has let him go toe-to-toe with some of the toughest and strongest members of the Marvel universe and more than hold his own. He has tussled with Colossus, The Thing, Venom, and even the Hulk during the World War Hulk arc, which was when the mean green machine was at his strongest. But, all these feats pale in comparison with the time he literally punched out a god.

During one particular issue of X-Men Unlimited, The Juggernaut was trapped in the Crimson Cosmos, the realm that his patron Cyttorak calls home. In order to escape, he had to go through him first, which meant taking the fight to him directly and actually managing to knock him out to gain his freedom. This is insane on a few levels. The power granted to Juggernaut by the gem is but a mere fraction of the Cyttorak’s total force -- which is untethered from within his realm. In his unbound state, his power outpaces even Galactus and the celestials... and Juggernaut just up and punches him out. Another thing to consider is that Cyttorak’s magical power is essentially limitless; Juggernaut being able to step up to a near boundless godlike being is enough to take notice.


The Juggernaut is a very focused individual. Once he sets his eyes on something, there is very little in this world that can stop him from getting it. And in many cases, there is not much in any dimension that can stop him either. In an effort to hunt down and kill the gods of trion, an intergalactic and inter-dimensional race that formed the power of “triple evil,” (long story), The Juggernaut was able to tap into even deeper wells of power from Cyttorak. This boost in strength allowed him to use his already formidable power to grab the very fabric of time and space and tear it open with his bare hands. With a hole in the space-time continuum now busted wide open, The Juggernaut was free to continue his warpath.

Upon doing this little trick, it allowed him to freely pass from one dimension to another. This inadvertently also caused several dimensions to meld together since the boundaries that separated them were “mysteriously” shattered into a million pieces. This is a true testament to the sheer unbounded power that The Juggernaut is capable of. Since his powers come from a god whose own strength is limitless, theoretically, this means that The Juggernaut’s power has no upper-limit and is only held back by how much power he is willing to draw from.


Juggernaut Todd McFarlane

Some of The Juggernaut’s other feats of strength, while not as awe-inspiring as ripping holes in dimensions, are still rather impressive. During one of his countless fights with the Hulk, he was dishing out punches that caused shockwaves that registered 8.0 on the richter scale. When facing an entire military battalion, he slammed his fist into the ground so hard it sent a giant crack running the length of an entire valley before breaking down a hill, which fell on top of them all. In another instance, The Juggernaut was once trapped in a 40 foot cocoon made of solid steel, only to break out of it by flexing really hard.

When facing another avatar of a rival god to Cyttorak known as Stonecutter, the two traded blows so fierce that the earthquakes they caused rocked the earth. They were so severe, in fact, that it was known to be the “greatest fury unleashed on Earth” (Juggernaut: The Eighth Day #4, 1999). He once shattered a wall that was 50 times stronger than the hull of a battleship cruiser as easily as if was made of Styrofoam. In another feat of strength and endurance, he was once buried under a trillion tons of rock and rubble and manages to dig himself out it with little to no effort at all.



Due to The Juggernaut’s vast reservoir of power, he has been able to not only out-perform many Marvel heroes, but has come dangerously close to killing a number of them. One such moment came when he fought Thor and managed to trap him in a bear-hug that was too tightly locked in for Thor to escape its grasp. Slowly squeezing the life out of him, Thor would have died in Juggernaut’s arms if not for a last-minute rescue by Bedlam. When facing Captain Britain, one punch sent the hero digging a mile-long trench with his body due to the knock-back force.

Another instance stems from a conflict with the Hulk. In a fight that erupted when he was not in his armor and just standard street clothes, The Juggernaut almost drowned the Hulk by forcing his head underwater and holding it in place. The Hulk barely escaped by throwing silt into Juggernaut’s eyes to force him to break his death grip. Later in the same bout, The Juggernaut manages to knock out the Hulk by placing him in a headlock with one arm and using his freehand to pound away at his face until he is KO’d.



Despite his long list of immunities and powers and feats of terrifying strength and fortitude, The Juggernaut is not without weaknesses. While he is invulnerable to any physical attacks, he can still be harmed by metaphysical and psionic harm. On many occasions, The Juggernaut was thwarted by his half-brother Charles Xavier’s psychic attacks, rendering him incapacitated. During a fight with another psionic mutant known as Onslaught, he had the gem of Cyttorak physically ripped from his chest due to Onslaught’s psionically enhanced grip.

During a crossover event with DC, Juggernaut faced off against Wonder Woman, who manages to knock him out with a single punch. Since her powers stem from divine magics, her fists are more than enough to circumnavigate his equally magical invulnerability. Due to his weakness to psychic attacks, The Juggernaut has taken the habit of wearing a large dome shaped helmet, which actually guards his mind from psychic blows (kind of like a tinfoil hat -- but edgier). As an added bonus, if this helmet is ever lost or somehow destroyed, he can create another via summoning magic tied to the gem itself.


Juggernaut X-Men

Questionable fashion choices aside, The Juggernaut’s longevity is one of legend in the Marvel Universe. Drawing upon Cyttorak’s power, The Juggernaut gains all his sustenance from the chaos god himself. This means he has no need for sleep, food, water, or even oxygen. He can go anywhere, at anytime, for however long it takes and he would not break a single drop of sweat in the ordeal. Since he is perpetually sustained as well, he is essentially ageless and will also withstand the ravages of time. Along with the snazzy armor, he is also imbued with a personalized forcefield around his body which allows him to be protected from any physical harm.

His size, strength, and durability all work together to boost some other incredible stats for the crimson dynamo. In spite of his giant frame, he is actually quite speedy when he wants to be. Possibly due to his incredible muscle mass and endless stamina, The Juggernaut is able to reach and maintain speeds of up to 600 mph. Coupled with super strength and unstoppable momentum, he moves with the force of 1000 bullet trains running all at once. When he gets going, he has rarely ever been stopped. During one such run, he took the full swing of Thor’s Hammer and did not even break stride.



One of the more impressive and surprising features of The Juggernaut’s frame is that he can not only withstand a hit, but on the off-chance something does manage to hurt him, he will not stay hurt for very long. For the most part, the only thing that can actually put a scratch on The Juggernaut are magical weapons and cosmic level beings with extra-dimensional powers. However, on another occasion, X-Force member Shatterstar slashed out one of his eyes, but the wound healed almost immediately. He also proved immune to extreme levels of fire, heat, cold, electricity, radiation, poison, illness, and even having molten metal poured on top of him.

In the face of a mightier foe that does manage to hurt him, the power of Cyttorak is able to heal any wound and leave no scars. During one such encounter, he was facing a being known as D'Spayre, an other-worldly being of darkness who tortured humanity for eons. During their bout, he managed to steal a portion of Cyttorak’s power for his own, amplifying his reality warping powers to a limitless degree. With this newfound power, he fired a blast of energy so great that it stripped The Juggernaut -- who was in the middle of charging at him -- down to just his skeleton. For any normal person, this would have ended things -- but Juggernaut is not normal. Even as just bones, he still kept charging at him and in almost a matter of seconds, he was fully healed.


As mentioned previously, one of the amazing features of The Juggernaut is his personalized aura of protection. This forcefield envelops his entire body and is one of the main sources for his indestructible body. With the shield active, he is able to withstand any physical harm. While he can still be thrown, knocked backwards, and struck, any and all purely physical blow will not be able to harm him. Not even Wolverine’s adamantium claws (which can cut through almost anything), a full power punch from the Hulk, or even a fully unleashed optic blast (which has enough juice to destroy a small planet), has any effect on him.

A possible explanation for this effect, is that his forcefield is able to absorb the inertia from an attack, rendering the kinetic energy null and void before it even can make contact. During one such event, Thor threw mjolnir at The Juggernaut, which is roughly 100 mph on average. While it was traveling, most of its forward motion was negated by the forcefield before it was able to do any damage. In another instance, Juggernaut tanked a full god-force level blast from Thor and was still completely protected from the damage. To put this into perspective, this was a blast that even Galactus was afraid of taking a hit from.


juggernaut in deadpool 2

While he is plenty powerful on his own, a good villain is nothing without a cool look to make a striking impression in the eye of any do-gooder that crosses his path. The armor that The Juggernaut wears, much like the rest of him, hails from the dark patronage of Cyttorak. Even though he has little need for it and it is rather redundant in some respects, The Juggernaut’s armor is also impervious to physical harm and trauma. The only article of his armor that proves useful is his helmet to guard against pesky psychic attacks. Though the red is a nice color on him.

In the event that a strong enough strike does manage to break his armor, he is able to easily reforge another set to replace it. In some arcs, he is able to summon the armor magically to his body and don it at any time, thus replacing any busted part immediately. In other iterations, he originally had the gem of Cyttorak in the armor itself. However, during a particularly hectic battle, he lost the gem for a prolonged period of time, where it was found by a young boy. Later, he managed to reclaim the gem and then decided to fuse it directly into his own body to avoid the risk of ever losing it again.



Cyttorak, the source of The Juggernaut’s power, is a true force to be reckoned with. Described as being seen as both god and demon, he is obsessed with the three C’s: chaos, conflict, and conquest. His realm, the Crimson Cosmos, resides outside the laws of man and nature and is an embodiment of his own great power and strength. Being an almighty source of unparalleled magic, he has created and granted use of certain artifacts over the millennia to those he deemed worthy of it. To Dr. Strange, he granted “The Bands of Cyttorak,” which allowed him to attack or restrain any foe. As is more widely known, he created the Gem of Cyttorak, which grants the wielder the power of the Juggernaut and becomes his envoy.

His powers are not only relegated to destructive outbursts but can also be used for creation or more indirect methods. Other powers he presented were instantaneous communication, omniscience, energy blasts, creation of homunculi, and other powers he has not yet revealed. In one spectacular feat, he once created an entire race of elves simply so he could have a populace to love and worship him. As an avatar for Cyttorak however, The Juggernaut had to always act in a way that furthered his patron’s desire for destruction and battle. If these needs were not met, Cyttorak would rescind some of the powers he has bestowed as a form of punishment.


Colossus vs Juggernaut

One of the facets of The Juggernaut is that he is not only immune to physical attacks, but also environmental hazards like radiation. In a What If issue called "Kingdom of Cain," he actually defeats the X-Men during their first encounter. Soon after, the Sentinels are unleashed upon the world and their prime directive of wiping out the mutant race goes unchecked for years. Without the X-Men to act as the vanguard, the Sentinels enact their nuclear attacks, which kill off human and mutant alike. The one giant red exception is The Juggernaut, who is immune to nuclear barrages and the subsequent fallout.

Through sheer force of will and persistence over several decades, The Juggernaut manages to defeat each and every Sentinel he comes across until the threat they presented was no more. Unfortunately, almost all of humanity is wiped out from the radiation poisoning and warfare with the Sentinels over the years, leaving The Juggernaut alone on a desolate planet. That is, until one day, when he finds signs of life, which he tracks to a bunker housing the last remaining humans on the planet. In his mindless haste at the thought of not being alone anymore, he runs towards the bunker to greet them -- only to bust it open with his strength, dooming the remaining populace to a death via the high levels of radiation. In the end, the story leaves a dejected Juggernaut roaming the lands of a dead planet all alone.


One of his greatest feats came from a time he did a little digging. Using his bare hands, The Juggernaut was able to dig through the earth and eventually through solid bedrock and then went almost 100 miles below the Earth’s surface, fracturing the tectonic plates with his traveling -- withstanding the ever growing force of several hundred thousand tons of stone and dirt piled on top of him. What makes this such an impressive move is that bedrock is an extremely dense and hard packed formation underneath the Earth. With a hardness only outmatched by the likes of diamonds, bedrock is able to withstand immense pressure and strain. This is why engineers build the foundation of buildings and bridges on it because it can withstand the weight without buckling.

Bearing this in mind, The Juggernaut not only managed to dig past all that, he also got to where tectonic plates reside -- roughly 89 to 100 miles below the Earth’s surface -- and survived the pure pressure of it all both going down and coming back up. The amount of strength needed for such an endeavor makes this one of, if not his most impressive marks of raw strength, durability, and stamina to date.

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