More Than Unstoppable: 16 Forgotten Powers Of The Juggernaut

Cain MArko Juggernaut

A "juggernaut" is defined as an overwhelming and unstoppable force, which is why Cain Marko uses that name in the Marvel Universe. He first appeared in 1965's X-Men #12 (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby) as the stepbrother of Professor Charles Xavier. During the Korean war, when both Marko and Xavier were soldiers, Marko deserted and found a hidden temple with a mysterious ruby. After he touched the ruby, he discovered it was the mystical Crimson Gem of Cyttorak that turned him into a human juggernaut. Juggernaut became a major enemy of the X-Men and other superheroes, and one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He's fought some of the strongest heroes such as Thor and the Hulk to a standstill, been in the comics for decades, and made appearances in TV shows like X-Men: The Animated Series and movies like X-Men: The Last Stand.

If you know Juggernaut then you know the classic image of his charging across a battlefield while people struggle in vain to block him. He's known for his power that boils down to being able to walk or run in any direction and nothing can stop him. However, that's just scratching the surface of his immense body. Juggernaut has a lot of other superpowers, some obvious and others not so readily apparent. With his surprise appearance in Deadpool 2, CBR decided to get into more detail about this classic anti-hero and bad guy. Nothing can stop the Juggernaut, and it's time to find out why.


If there's one thing that Juggernaut is known for besides being unstoppable, it's his strength, so let's get that out of the way. Juggernaut is nine feet tall and all of it is packed with muscle. The gem has given him the power to punch and smash his way through solid metal and rock with ease.

With his powerful arms and legs, Juggernaut can rip through mountains, and has been seen tearing buildings from their foundations to use as baseball bats. He's fought enemies as strong as the Hulk and Thing, and managed to keep up with them -- sometimes even besting them in strength and combat -- so there are few known limits to his strength.


Juggernaut Ron Garney

Juggernaut's known for being unstoppable and his toughness is a major part of that. When Juggernaut gets going, he can walk through fire, acid, bullets and pretty much anything else that you can throw at him.

While his body itself is really strong, his durability comes mostly thanks to a force field that's generated by the gem of Cyttorak. This force field is almost unbreakable, so it means that most things that try to attack him never even come close. At the same time, if anything does get through the field, he's tough enough to take it, including direct punches by powerhouses like Thor and Hulk.



When you look at Juggernaut, with his massive body, you figure he's got to be pretty slow, but the opposite is true. When Juggernaut gets moving, he can move at an incredible speed that rivals some of the fastest heroes and villains in the Marvel universe.

As Juggernaut keeps going, his speed can increase until he's going over six hundred miles an hour. In fact, he can come close to breaking the sound barrier! Of course, we've never seen him reach the limit of his speed so he could conceivably run faster than that. Mostly, Juggernaut uses his speed to smash through things, but he can run hard, too.



For a long time, Juggernaut's only weakness was to psychic powers. He wore a helmet to protect himself from psychic assault, so the first steps in fighting Juggernaut was to take his helmet off. Once his head was exposed, Juggernaut could be put down pretty quickly if there was a telepath nearby.

However, at one point Cyttorak took away Cain Marko's power as Juggernaut, but when Marko's power returned, Juggernaut became resistant to psychic attack, which is a pretty big deal. There are few living things that can resist mind control or mind-reading from a psychic as powerful as Charles Xavier, but Juggernaut is now one of them.


x-men 3 Juggernaut

One of the ways heroes have managed to stop Juggernaut's rampages has been to put him in a position where he couldn't escape. For instance, when he first gained the power of the Juggernaut, one of the first things that happened to Cain Marko was that he was buried in a cave-in under tons of rock.

In 1982's Amazing Spider-Man #230 (Roger Stern, John Romita Jr), Spider-Man trapped Juggernaut in a concrete foundation where the villain spent a month digging himself out. If Marko had been a normal human, he would have died of hunger or thirst, but the power of the gem sustains him indefinitely. He doesn't need food or water, just mystical energy.



When people think of rapid healing, they usually think of someone like Wolverine, but Juggernaut has that power as well. His body can regenerate cells, skin and bone if they're hurt. On the rare occasion that anything gets through the force field that protects him and manages to hurt him, Juggernaut can heal incredibly quickly.

For example, in Spider-Man #16 (Todd McFarlane), Shatterstar stabbed Juggernaut in the eyes and the wound healed almost instantly. In Juggernaut #1 (Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau), while fighting the fear entity D'Spayre, he was reduced to nothing but a skeleton, yet he was healed and restored completely when his power came back. It didn't even slow him down!


Juggernaut Charging

Imagine this scene. The Juggernaut is fighting the X-Men, and starts chasing after Wolverine. Juggernaut is smashing through cars and buildings when he suddenly starts gasping, falls down, and can't get up. Not really a juggernaut then, is he?

That's why Juggernaut has an additional power in the form of superhuman stamina. Somehow, the gem of Cyttorak gives him all the energy he needs to keep him going. He can walk or even run indefinitely, and will never get tired or need sleep. It's a useful ability that makes it even harder to fight him because you can never outrun him or wear him down.


Cain MArko Juggernaut

When Juggernaut starts stirring up trouble, he's almost impossible to stop, but that's not to say people haven't tried. One method has been to put him underwater or into outer space or even bury him alive, but it turns out he's prepared for that. That's because Juggernaut doesn't need to breathe.

He can go without oxygen indefinitely, kept alive by the Crimson Gem that gives him all his other powers. Juggernaut can be kicked out of a space shuttle and thrown to the depths of the ocean floor or submerged in rock, and he'll keep on fighting to get back without skipping a beat.



Juggernaut is strong, but there's a trick he rarely does that shows how powerful he really is. In Generation X #61 (Jay Faerber, Kevin Sharpe), Juggernaut fought the teenage team of mutants but it was a short fight.

During the battle, one of the psychic mutants manipulated his partner Black Tom, and it enraged Juggernaut to the point where he clapped his hands together. That clap made a shockwave that knocked out the entire Gen-X team at once. They woke up to find a steel girder wrapped around themselves. The thunder clap is a trick that the Hulk is known for, but we'll bet many fans didn't know Juggernaut could do it, too.



The Juggernaut has always been powerful, but thanks to an encounter with the beings known as the Trion, he became too powerful. In X-Men #88 (Joe Casey, Alan Davis), the superheroes discovered that Juggernaut was causing trouble in another world.

It turned out that Cain Marko had only been accessing a fraction of the power of Cyttorak. With the power of a second gem, Juggernaut gained access to his full range of abilities and had become so powerful that he could punch through the barriers of space and time into other dimensions. He had been manipulated to attack three cosmic beings known as the Trion. Fortunately, they managed to stop him from smashing the entire universe.



Fans may know Juggernaut is almost indestructible, but they may not know that even the normal wear and tear that can end someone's life has no effect on him. What if he just decided to keep walking forever? Even if Juggernaut never fought again, he'd still never stop. Under normal circumstances, Juggernaut would never pass away.

The gem has made him immortal and he doesn't get affected by poison, old age, disease or anything else that could cause his demise. That means if he stayed connected to the Crimson Gem, Juggernaut would be around for hundreds or even millions of years. That's a long walk.



Juggernaut's costume is iconic with its crimson bands and powerful domed helmet, but he doesn't need sheet metal or sewing machines and make his costumes. Whenever he gains the power of Juggernaut, the Crimson Gem creates his costume for him, but it's not a one-time thing. He can make and remake his costumes whenever he needs to.

For instance, in Amazing Spider-Man #628 (Roger Stern, Lee Weeks), his helmet was destroyed. Since he needed the helmet to protect himself from psychic powers, Juggernaut used his handcuffs to make a new one. Also, when he gets attacked and his costume is damaged or destroyed, he can restore it back onto his body instantly.



In Amazing Spider-Man #627 (Roger Stern, Lee Weeks), the web-slinger found something that he never thought he'd see: the Juggernaut, unconscious. When Spider-Man asked what happened, Juggernaut said he'd been attacked by Captain Universe, the cosmic hero powered by the Enigma Force.

Captain Universe has incredible power, including the ability to transform matter and energy. The new Captain Universe (William Nguyen) had become determined to permanently stop Juggernaut because the villain's earlier rampage had ruined his life by damaging New York's tectonic plates. Because of his desire to destroy Juggernaut, the power was transferred from Nguyen to Cain Marko. Juggernaut used his power to fix the tectonic plates, becoming a real hero in the process.



Juggernaut isn't usually known for his skill at languages, but his transformation into Kuurth changed that. In the "Fear Itself" event, the Serpent (the Norse God of Fear) was unleashed and sent seven enchanted hammers to Earth. Juggernaut lifted one of the hammers and became Kuurth: Breaker of Stone.

As Kuurth, he needed a herald to translate for him so he smashed his hammer into the face of a gas station attendant. The hammer gave the attendant the power to translate all known languages. Of course, Juggernaut lost that power when he was changed back to normal, but it was a rare moment where Juggernaut had a way with words.


Colossus Juggernaut

In The Amazing-Spider-Man #629, Juggernaut had to face the consequences of his actions. In that issue, Juggernaut was taken to another realm by the new Captain Universe, where he discovered that an earlier fight with Spider-Man had led to earthquakes.

Spider-Man stopped Juggernaut by dropping him onto a concrete foundation while it was still wet, and he sank to the bottom. To escape, he had to dig for weeks through miles of solid bedrock. In the process, he tore apart the very tectonic plates beneath New York City, causing massive earthquakes that almost destroyed the area. Juggernaut fixed the plates, but it's pretty incredible that he caused the damage to begin with.


You may know that Juggernaut can't be stopped once he gets moving, but what happens when he encounters something coming at him? Can something collide with him so hard or fast that it would stop his movement? The answer is no, because Juggernaut has the power to absorb the force of any moving object.

For example, in Thor #411 (Tom Defalco, Ron Frenz), the God of Thunder tried to stop Juggernaut by throwing his magic hammer Mjolnir at him. Normally, the hammer could knock back anything. Yet the moment the hammer came in contact with the Juggernaut's force field, the hammer came to a dead halt, turned around, and flew back to Thor with Juggernaut hanging on.

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