Jugead Meets His Cousin, that Wilkin boy?

Official Press Release

Yes, it's true! Classic Archie character Bingo Wilkin and the legendaryJughead Jones share an Uncle Herman, as will be revealed in the pages ofJUGHEAD & FRIENDS #5, this August!

In a change only hardcore Archie fans might have noticed, Riverdale regularJughead Jones had a jovial Uncle Herman. A few years later, Bingo Wilkin hadhis own Uncle Herman -- who was identical to Jughead's!

"It was just one of those things that we switched around at the time," saidVictor Gorelick, Managing Editor for Archie Comic Publications. "Bingoneeded an uncle, and we had already created Herman."

But in a rare move to bring two usually separate Archie properties togetherwith a dash of (gasp!) continuity, Archie will reveal the true, previouslyunheard of link between Riverdale's favorite burger fanatic and the cultclassic Bingo Wilkin!

"The idea was something we just tossed around casually," said NelsonRibeiro, ACP's Digest Editor. "But the more we talked about it, the more itseemed like a fun idea to try. Mainly to create a good story, but also as awink to longtime fans."

Bingo Wilkin, "That Wilkin Boy," first appeared in the pages of That WilkinBoy #1, Jan. 1969. having him crossover into the land of Archie accomplishestwo goals for ACP: Creating a fun story and bringing back another classiccharacter.

"When it comes to Archie, our main goal is entertaining our fans, young andold," said Michael I. Silberkleit and Richard Goldwater, Publishers ofArchie Comics. 'And this does both. We bring back a great character andcreate a fun romp for all to enjoy!"


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