Judo Girl returns in 2006 with an all-new mini-series at Alias Comics!

Official Press Release

width="127" height="190" alt="" align="right" border="0">November 20, 2005 – Coming April 2006, JUDO GIRL returns to Blue Water Productions and Alias Comics with an all-new mini-series by writer Johnny Lowe and artist Alex Julian.

In this new mini-series, the villainous Hep Cat is back! He and Judo Girl had a kinda-almost-sorta-maybe relationship long-ago, but while Judo Girl has emerged into the 21st century still in her early 20s, Hep Cat is now in his 60s! How will this new age gap affect these two lost lovers, and can Hep Cat and Judo Girl ever really be together?

"Judo Girl generally has an upbeat, positive personality, and so will make plenty of humorous remarks during her encounters with the bad guys, though it'll be somewhat less than in the first mini-series," said writer, Johnny Lowe of his take on the characters.

Also expect an appearance by Atlas, and the return of the Judo Girl villain, Silencer – who first appeared in THE LEGEND OF ISIS #5!

"Silencer is a good adversary for Judo Girl as she too is obviously trained in many fighting techniques," said Lowe. "Of course, Silencer doesn't speak except in rare moments, so Judo Girl will try and take up the slack in the repartee … which might annoy and anger Silencer even more!"

Joining Lowe on this series is artist, Alex Julian, who tells of his artistic influences, and what fans can expect to find in April!

"I looked at [artists like] J. Scott Campbell and Roger Cruz, for the sexy judo girl look, and added a lot of my style to it," said Julian. "[Managing Editor] Darren Davis really pushed me to give the book a cutting-edge by bringing the characters out of the panel and making objects look like they're flying out at you."

The all-new JUDO GIRL mini-series will be available in April 2006!

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