Judging the Top 20 DC and Marvel Cover Solicits of 2006

With today being the last day of 2006, I figure now would be a nice time for a look back and what I found to be the top 20 best DC and Marvel Cover solicits of 2006 (for covers that came out in April of 2006 until March of 2007).


20. All the Marvel superheroes playing poker?

What a great idea for a cover!

So good that Andrea DiVito really doesn't have to DO much, but what he does, he does well.

19. At the time, I stated that I think this was the best cover I have ever seen from Mark Bagley.

Anyone think of any other ones better than this one?

18. I loves me some Christmas comic book covers, and this James Jean one I think was the best of the year (Marko Djurdjevic comes a close second, with his Blade vs. Evil Santa cover)

17. Very creative (and pretty creepy, too) cover by Frank Quitely.

16. I think this is probably the best cover Darwyn Cooke has done so far for the Spirit.

Striking and a great visual.

15. Chris Eliopoulos' cover for this Franklin Richards one-shot is hilariously perfect.

14. I think it is great how much CP Smith has developed as an artist.

He has now become one of those artists that I eagerly await new works by.

13. Matt Wagner had a series of striking covers in 2006, and this was one of the best ones, I thought, with the eye-popping, almost 3D feel of the cover.

12. This John Cassaday cover simply explodes from the page.

11. I love the idea behind this John Romita, Sr. Daredevil cover.

10. This James Jean is a perfect example of how to launch a spin-off book.

Great cover.

9. Marko Djurdjevic had a great year in covers, with a number of excellent covers.

This Blade cover, I think, was his best work, as it is a unique idea (something Djurdjevic seems to specialize in) while never faltering in its presentation as a whole (and I absolutely adore how active his figures are...such a rare trick with "realistic" painted works).

8. Thrilling All Star Superman cover by Frank Quitely, showing a truly epic looking battle.

7. I love Marcos Martin's work normally, but I was really taken aback at how good this cover was, as he managed to both come up with a striking cover image AND to make it tie in with the plot of the book.

A great drawing and a real hook for the reader (Dr. Strange shot?!?)? What an excellent combo.

6. This JG Jones cover is so striking, it just smacks of a cover homage, but I can't, for the life of me, figure out what it is an homage to, so I guess I will just have to give Jones the full credit for such a striking image.

5. Has Chris Bachalo drawn a better cover than this ever?

4. Sammy Sosa has the third-most home runs hit in a single season. He also has the fifth-most home runs hit in a single season. He just happened to achieve these feats in years where ANOTHER player had, respectively, the first and second-most home runs hit in a single season, so Sosa didn't even get to lead the league in homers either season!

I am reminded of this with this stunning Frank Quitely All Star Superman cover, which I did not even have as the #1 cover of the month it came out.

3. Stuart Immonen had a number of excellent Nextwave covers this year, but I think this hilarious Civil War parody is his best.

2. The Avengers as MODOKs.

Cameron Stewart and Jeff Parker are mad geniuses.

1. Darwyn Cooke is comic love personified. This Absolute New Frontier cover was the cover that beat out Quitely's graveyard All Star Superman cover.

Well, those are my pics!

How about you folks?

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