Judging (Marvel's September) Books By Their Covers

Marvel's September Solicitations are up, so now is as good a time as any for us to make prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don't we?).

Let's begin! ___________________________________________________

Overall, a fun Eric Nguyen cover, but I think the photo-realistic car looks a bit out of place with how Beast and Iceman are drawn.

The car sort of looks like a colorform.___________________________________________________

I like this Humberto Ramos cover a lot better than last month's cover, but with all the usual Ramos caveats, specifically the over-the-top designs that have become synonymous with his art style.


Well designed cover by Pablo Raimondi.

If only he didn't have to include big dumb giant wolf head. ___________________________________________________

This cover by Billy Tan is a big step up from the covers he did for the Uncanny X-Men storyline that this story spun out of.

I love that the Korvus guy no longer has a big dorky sword.

What a weird design idea THAT was. ___________________________________________________

Decent enough Stephane Roux cover.


Not a huge fan of this Finch cover, but I will certainly admit it is a striking cover.


This Marko Djurdjevic cover has a lot of the hallmarks of a great Djurdjevic cover (including the interesting text), but the end result seems a bit dull, really.

His covers are at their best when he lets his dynamic art design sense show off. ___________________________________________________

Wait a sec! Is this some kind of practical joke!?

Arthur Suydam forgot to make this Wolverine cover a Zombie cover!

Looks good.___________________________________________________

Good layout by Ariel Olivetti, but his current "draw everyone huge" style hurts the ultimate execution of the cover.


Decent Salvador Larocca pose cover.

Hepzibah was an interesting choice for a character to bring to Earth. ___________________________________________________

One thing I really dig about Yanick Paquette's Ultimate X-Men covers is that he really gives them a sense of normalcy in the face of superhero craziness.

The end result of that is a bit of an odd disconnect, but I still appreciate the effort. ___________________________________________________

Strong Stuart Immonen cover.

Green Goblin looks pretty goofy, though. ___________________________________________________

Another weird "coming at each other" cover by Greg Land.


Very cool Pasqual Ferry cover.


Nice Coipel cover - what's the deal with Thor's belt?


Good Ed McGuinness cover, too.


Another pretty lackluster Jelena Djurdjevic Terror, Inc. cover.


Good Marko Djurdjevic cover.

Penance is dorky, though. ___________________________________________________

A bit much by Khari Evans, but I'll give him this - Evans has some flair.


I gave Turner some compliments on the last cover of Spider-Man/Red Sonja, and then he came back with this cover for the second issue that is so much worse.

Yikes, that's some freaky looking Sonja AND Spider-Man!___________________________________________________

Nice Paul Gulacy cover.

I like the new approach by Gulacy (first Dr. Fate, now Penance) to pick characters who don't show their faces. ___________________________________________________

Okay, so the characters in the now-named Order ARE going to have circles (representing O's) on their chests!

That should be amusing. ___________________________________________________

Another good Nic Klein New Warriors cover.


Pretty good Billy Tan cover.


Giant robots is a good look by Ed McGuinness.


What's the deal with this New Avengers cover by Yu?

What's the point of it, exactly? ___________________________________________________

I am surprised it took THIS long for a "hot chick" catfight by Horn.


Well designed cover by Tomm Coker.


I like Greg Hildenbrant's cover here - a little grittier than usual.


Decent John Watson cover.


An interesting enough layout by Marko Djurdjevic for this cover.


Fun Scherberger cover.

I'm surprised Marvel hasn't done more with Pyro after the X-Men movies. ___________________________________________________

This Skottie Young cover is nicely designed.


Nice, straightforward cover by David Williams.


Good Paul Smith cover - why did it take this long for the Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four book start working the Silver Surfer into the books?!?!


This Tom Grummett cover would be a lot cooler had we not had that classic Ed Hannigan cover years ago.


This Loners homage of Sixteen Candles really doesn't work, unless Julie Power is crushing on Turbo, which I guess could be the case.

Even if that's the case, then it still doesn't really work, as Ricochet looks like he is staring at Turbo, while he's supposed to be looking at Julie (as per the Sixteen Candles poster).

That complaint aside, another strong cover by Pearson. Look at Turbo! Damn, does Pearson imbue characters with personality or what? He makes it look so darn simple! ___________________________________________________

Good Dan Brereton cover.

He's a good pick for this project. ___________________________________________________

I like this Eric Canete Rocketeer homage.

Looks good.___________________________________________________

Pretty cool Gary Frank cover.


You never realize how much you loved creepy tentacles until you've lost them!!

Seriously, nice enough cover by Francis Tsai. ___________________________________________________

A surprisingly simple cover by Mark Texiera.


Very nice Eliopoulos cover.

I especially love the eyes of H.E.R.B.I.E. ___________________________________________________


Aren't these Joe Quesada covers super neat?

Good stuff.

By the by, isn't it weird how clear they're being with "no more Mary Jane"? Figured they'd hide that a bit more... ___________________________________________________

Weird Gurihuru cover.

I like the hood bit, but otherwise, it seems a bit oddly laid out. ___________________________________________________

Very nice job of Alex Ross over Kirby here.

That'd make a cool poster. ___________________________________________________

Wow, when even the characters are being affected by the sucking, you know there's a problem.

I apologize - "suck" is such a bad word, I was just too weak to turn down the joke.

Apologies, Mr. Turner! ___________________________________________________

Another strong Clayton Henry cover!

He's improved a lot as an artist. ___________________________________________________

Carmine Di Giandomenico sure does like him his bloody covers.


Pretty good Djurdjevic Daredevil cover.


Is this a new Michael Turner cover for this Civil War reprint book?

It's not good, but I'm curious if it is new or not. ___________________________________________________

I dig this Mitch Breitweiser cover for "The Chosen."


Good Steve Epting cover.

By the by, I like that the "Death of Captain America" is a "storyline" that has different "arcs."

That is funny. ___________________________________________________

Ha, they finally give Stefano Caselli a cover and it is on an issue he doesn't do interiors!

By the by, it's kinda weird that this cover is based on the New Warriors covers. Usually the lower-selling books are the ones referencing the higher-selling ones, not the other way around. ___________________________________________________

Nicely drawn by Marko Djurdjevic, but still a little too straightforward.


Did Nic Klein draw a Halo cover, then figure it'd work better as an Annihilation cover?


He got rid of the stupid whip gun!!


Wraith looks much cooler with a sword than a stupid whip gun.

Well done Clint Langley! ___________________________________________________

I really like this Ron Frenz cover.

That's two really strong covers in a row for Frenz.___________________________________________________

HONORABLE MENTIONS___________________________________________________

Very cool Skottie Young cover.


Matt Wilson is doing a really nice job on Quasar.

Some really striking covers. ___________________________________________________

Clever Tomm Coker cover.

I saw Kitty Pryde in the solicits. She's not on the Exiles, is she? That's pretty funny. ___________________________________________________

Another strong Adi Granov cover.


TOP FIVE!!!___________________________________________________

5. I have to give it up to John Watson a bit of an apology. I said he couldn't do good action scenes, and this cover shows me wrong.

Granted, it's not the type of cover I was really talking about before, but still, I gotta give it up to Watson here.

Strong stuff. ___________________________________________________

4. I love the use of negative space here by Djurdjevic.

And the layout is unique and strong. Very nice cover. ___________________________________________________

3. Gerald Parel is a really strong cover artist.

Is he doing any interiors anytime soon? ___________________________________________________

2. The Spot is cool.

Why do people keep killing him off?!

I love it when Djurdjevic does unique covers.

Hey, will we ever see interiors by him, too? ___________________________________________________

1. Skottie Young for the win!

As you may well know, when an artist comes up with a clever twist on a cover homage, then I am really impressed, and you don't get much more clever than this Young take off of a classic Norman Rockwell painting.


Well, that's it for me this month! Feel free to share YOUR prejudices (and your Top Fives)!

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