Judging (Marvel's November) Books By Their Covers

Marvel's November Solicitations are up, so now is as good a time as any for us to make prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don't we?).

Let's begin! ___________________________________________________

Just when I didn't think I could be more bored by Arthur Suydam zombie homage covers, he pulls off an interesting one like this...

Impressive, Suydam! Impressive! ___________________________________________________

Never has anyone been more irked that we have not discovered alien life forms than Greg Horn.

"Who am I supposed to photoshop into the cover for the alien?!?!?"

Also, those are some...interesting looking breasts on Ms. Marvel there. ___________________________________________________

I know that it is just cropping an image from Amazing Spider-Man #544 and giving it a new background, but I still think that this Marvel Spotlight cover ended up looking nice.

The way the Mary Jane covers in the back are displayed, it's a clever cover idea. ___________________________________________________

Holy moley, Dave Wilkins!!

What the heck did you do to Moon Knight's torso?!!?

Is that Mr. Fantastic dressed as Moon Knight? ___________________________________________________

This Greg Hildebrant cover reminds me of the Goonies.

Man, the Goonies was awesome.

The best part about the Goonies is re-watching it nowadays and seeing how freakishly young all the actors look.

Here's an example of where Hildebrant doing a bright cover really doesn't hurt the cover at all. ___________________________________________________

Good Frank Cho cover.

And the concept of a Venom virus is a great idea by Bendis. ___________________________________________________

Very cute cover by Patrick Scherberger. It's funny, I thought that Scherberger was playing off of an old Amazing Spider-Man cover, but the only one with Doc Ock and Aunt May is their wedding cover.

Weird. I could have sworn there was a cover showing Octavius boarding at Aunt May's place. ___________________________________________________

While not an awful drawing of Magneto by Mike Deodato (not a good drawing, either), it falls really flat as a cover drawing.

It's not even a good PIN-UP, really. ___________________________________________________

Nice enough action shot by Leonard Kirk.


Tom Grummett does a really nice job here of capturing Hercules' enthusiasm.

He's practically bursting off the cover! ___________________________________________________

Decent, if not all that inspiring, cover by Skottie Young.

And look who is drawing the issue itself!! Graham freakin' Nolan! It's been way too long since I've seen a comic drawn by him. ___________________________________________________

Having Katie in the mask is super precious.

But what the heck is Lou Diamond Phillips doing wearing Iron Man's armor?!? ___________________________________________________

I love the whole "Iron Man as Bond" thing Jimmy Cheung has going on here.

It works well. ___________________________________________________

That is a cool looking MODOK by Juan Bobillo.


Well designed cover by Mike S. Miller, with pretty good execution.

It's quite straightforward, but I think it gets the job done. ___________________________________________________

Mark Texeira has been doing some weird Ghost Rider covers as of late.

The trend continues... ___________________________________________________

This Ben Oliver cover is absolutely bizarre.

Are those birds?

They almost look like dinosaurs. ___________________________________________________

The perspective on this Lan Medina cover seem to be a bit off, but for the most part, this is a good cover.


The contrast in colors on this Marko Djurdjevic cover I do not think helps the cover at all.

What it does is suggest something that is not there, that is a pattern or some REASON for the book to be split where it is, and there really doesn't appear to BE a reason, which is an odd design decision.

The Enforcers look cool, though. ___________________________________________________

Really strong Ed McGuinness cover.

It is interesting to see McGuinness do some strong work with negative space. ___________________________________________________

Interesting Mitch Breitweiser cover.

Cap's cowl looks a bit strange here.

What's your take on Cap's shield? Should it have little scratches in it, or should it be basically perfect looking? ___________________________________________________

I have to give Billy Tan some credit here, he mostly manages to give each surrounding character his own (sorta) distinct personality.


I actually like the idea of a Marvel atlas, as I honestly don't know where some places like Wakanda and Latveria are supposed to be, exactly.

That being said, it really ought to have been a large-sized one-shot rather than two issues.

And the Staz Johnson cover is pretty unremarkable. ___________________________________________________

What IS this on this Brett Booth cover, exactly?

Is it a window or what? ___________________________________________________

The glove part of this Joe Quesada cover IS a bit strange.

In any event, I think it is a pretty good cover, especially with the subject matter. ___________________________________________________

Nice cover design by Ron Frenz for a villain spotlight issue.

I like how Brubaker has enjoyed working on Black Tarantula. ___________________________________________________

Nice to see that Hotz is pretty devoted to this project, that he'll even WRITE the comic!

Good first issue cover. ___________________________________________________

Pretty good Jelena Djurdjevic cover.

It'll be nice seeing the whole Longshot/Dazzler thing being resolved one way or the other. ___________________________________________________

It is weird how this Eric Nguyen cover has the feathers and the ice look basically the same.


Not a bad Billy Tan cover, although I think the cover design would work better if the rest of the X-Men (including Havok and Polaris) were depicted on the cover.

And how weird is that sword guy's sword-wielding? ___________________________________________________

It's interesting to see that David Finch's work is so stiff that even distinctively looking covers like this one appear to be not be so fluid.


I think this is what Greg Land's work looks like when most of the art has to be done from scratch.

Not a pretty sight. ___________________________________________________

Nice, strong Marko Djurdjevic cover.

The idea of looking back at the pages "between" old Captain America stories is a good one. ___________________________________________________

It's like Suydam is having all these Wolverines do a little dance.

Like a big Electric Slide, only with corpses! ___________________________________________________

Mutant Ãœber Alles!!!

A bit of a heavy-handed cover there by Marc Silvestri. ___________________________________________________

Yanick Paquette's Psylocke looks cool.

And finally, when I realize that the covers all interlock, they have to pick a cover that actually works pretty well on its own!! ___________________________________________________

Nice computer effects on this Stuart Immonen cover.


Marvel went out of their way in the solicits to highlight this Simone Bianchi cover, which I do not get.

It's not bad, but it's not THAT good.

Am I missing some hidden awesomeness here? ___________________________________________________

Mark Brooks makes Thor look like sort of a muppet.

Definitely a bit of a departure from Hitch's style to Brooks. ___________________________________________________

Hey, Coipel!

Keep it clean on the covers, man!

By the by, am I the only one who is impressed by FIVE issues so far without a fill-in artist on this title?

Well done, Coipel! Unless you've been working on these five issues for years. ___________________________________________________

Finally! Jelena Djurdjevic REALLY mixes things up with this clever cover depicting an experiment on Terror, Inc.


The basic cover design by Marko Djurdjevic is awesome, but I think the coloring tone just serves to make the images stand out less, and I think it is an actual drawback for the cover.



Are Namor's arms as thick as his legs?

That is kinda weird.

Still, the image is at least an imposing one. ___________________________________________________

Not a terrible Surfer drawing by Turner, although I think there are better artists to go to for a book like Surfer - perhaps a Ribic?

I bet Djurdjevic could draw a cool Surfer cover!! ___________________________________________________

While no great shakes, this cover actually has some nice action to it, although with the standard strange anatomical choices.


Astonishingly, I am not a fan of the Doom redesign.

That being said, otherwise, this is a decent cover. ___________________________________________________

Neat cover effect by Mike Deodato.

Very cool looking. ___________________________________________________

Well designed cover by Khari Evans.

It's even low on T&A!!! ___________________________________________________

A very nice, down-to-Earth cover layout by Ariel Olivetti.

I think Olivetti is toning down the muscles a bit - still pretty damn big. ___________________________________________________

What luck! TWO characters who Gulacy does not have to draw faces for!

Unsurprisingly, the cover is a good one. ___________________________________________________

Not the most unique looking characters by Barry Kitson.


Imposing, if a bit repetitive, cover by Adi Granov.

I think Nova has done enough poses...but maybe he is ifnally going to break out magnum on us!!! ___________________________________________________

Strange design choice by Jimmy Chueng.

I think he gave the Skrull Elektra too much empty space on her side of the cover. It looks like something was MEANT to be in the background, but just wasn't there. ___________________________________________________

The perspectives on this Nic Klein cover seem to be ALL over the place.

Looks almost a bit rushed. ___________________________________________________

Nice drawing by Marko Djurdjevic, but is this cover recognizable as being from the Man in the Iron Mask at ALL?


Nice, standard looking cover by Juan Santacruz.

Strikes me as a bit like Kevin Maguire on his facial expressions for Doctor Strange. ___________________________________________________

Decent Jimmy Cheung cover for the Avengers: Initiative Annual.


HONORABLE MENTIONS!! ___________________________________________________

Very nice cover by Farel Dalrymple.

A strong cover design, and a good drawing OF that design. ___________________________________________________

J. Scott Campbell, as popular as he is, is a bit underrated, I think, as a very good comic book artist.

He is quite good at the whole "drawing comic books" thing.

This Thor cover is quite cool looking. ___________________________________________________

Epting continues his string of "looks like cool movie posters" covers for Captain America.

I love how he uses Iron Man as a background to make the other characters pop off the page better. ___________________________________________________

Nice Aleksi Briclot cover for the beginning of this series.


Even NICER Gabrielle Dell'Otto cover of what COULD have been in Annihilation!!

Such a strong collage cover. ___________________________________________________

Tim Bradstreet does such nice detailed work on this cover that it manages to avoid looking like a colorform cover, and that's impressive as heck to me.


Nice Gerald Parel cover that also takes the "make it look like a cool movie poster" approach, only Parel has a little less to work with, so the end result is quite impressive.


David Mack is amazing.


A very surreal, but cool surreal, cover by Eric Canete.


TOP FIVE!! ___________________________________________________

5. Wow - villains sure had some funky headgear back then!

This is an excellent Art Adams piece, highlighted for me by the way he manages to make Zemo's smile look normal. ___________________________________________________

4. It is amazing what you can do with a computer.

Take this Mark Brooks' cover - SO much better than his normal work, based mostly upon the computer effects.

The end result is a striking cover. ___________________________________________________

3. Mike Perkins delivers a much more stylized cover than I have seen from him in the past, where he seems to go for the more "photo realistic" approach.

I like this design style better - it is nice to see. ___________________________________________________

2. Skottie Young has been doing some excellent Cable and Deadpool covers as of late, and I think this Deadpool/Dr. Strange cover is his best yet.

Trippy, while still effective.

Great work on Young's part. ___________________________________________________

1. Chris Eliopoulos uses negative space and a discordant theme to really strong effect on this cover.

He's been doing some excellent cover work on the Franklin Richards one-shots, and this cover is the best I have seen from him so far. ___________________________________________________

Well, that's it for me this month! Feel free to share YOUR prejudices (and your Top Fives)!

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