Judging (Marvel's May) Books By Their Covers

Marvel's May Solicitations are up, so now is as good a time as any for us to make prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don't we?).

Let's begin! ___________________________________________________

I just love the notion that apparently, Annihilation was so complicated that it needs a separate comic just to explain what happened in the previous comics.

Nice Andrea DiVito cover, though.___________________________________________________

Oddly static looking Spider-Girl cover.

I can't tell you how Frenz could make it look like there was more movement on the cover. Anyone have any art tips as to how he could have made it a little more dynamic?___________________________________________________

I love how Barracuda does not even attempt to have a real point to it -

Just fun violence.___________________________________________________

Clever idea, sending Black Panther (and the FF) to the Marvel Zombie universe.

Nice cover, too.___________________________________________________

Yikes, are we sure this Skottie Young cover hasn't been used before?

Are his Cable covers just melding together in my mind?

It may be my mind developing a coping mechanism...as Young's covers for this book have been quite poor.___________________________________________________

Strong Sean Phillips cover...


Very nice layout by Marko Djurdjevic, but I think the Gladiator comes off looking a bit cheesy.

And since he is the centerpiece of the cover, that drags the whole thing down, which is too bad, as it is a very good layout.___________________________________________________

This dude should totally have a silhouette-off against Wonder Woman from this month's DC cover solicits.

Who would have the oddest lower bump in silhouette? ___________________________________________________

Wow, that has to be probably the worst "breaking the logo" cover that I have ever seen.

What is even the point of breaking the logo if it is going to be for such a non-dynamic cover?

It looks like the dude is tapping the logo.___________________________________________________

I don't like the cover particularly (especially the layout), but the idea of the cover is pretty nifty.

Surfer vs. Black Panther - looks like McDuffie is having some fun with the "Black Panther as Morrison's JLA Batman" riff.___________________________________________________

Hehe...Sandman: Year One.

That is hilariously awful.

And this on the heels of Vulture's hilariously lame origin, too! I think David should just go balls to the wall and just do the origins of all the Sinister Six, and have them all be stuff like, "When I was a child, I had a pet octopus" or "When I was a child, I saw my father act cravenly in front of me!"

It is a nice Barry Kitson cover, though.___________________________________________________

Pretty good Todd Nauck cover.

Interesting theme.___________________________________________________

I don't think I really even comprehend the mechanics of this Clayton Crain cover.


Pretty cool Arthur Suydam cover.

I especially like the smoke trail. Nice touch.___________________________________________________

A GREAT concept by Gary Frank, and I love the little touches he gets right (like the effect Hulk's fingers have on the Earth)...

but the biggest part of the cover is the giant Hulk, and I am not thrilled with the drawing of the Hulk. ___________________________________________________

Good David Williams cover, but perhaps a bit too traditional this time around.

This sort of layout has been used a ton of times, and besides being well-drawn (which it is), it is not particularly unique.___________________________________________________

I like the effect that David Parel gets across on this Iron Man cover. Very, very nice.


The hips are still a bit odd on this David Aja cover, but they are at least present this time!

Is this a new Iron Fist costume? If so, not bad. Certainly better than Blue Beetle's new costume!___________________________________________________


Just when Greg Land was beginning to go on a roll with his monster covers, he had to do a cover featuring humans...and the end result was not a good one.


How weird is it that we live in a world today where most folks probably don't get a Ferris Bueller reference?


"Hey, we got Marko Djurdjevic doing the cover. He's really noted for his unique stylistic choices on his covers and his interesting layouts - let's have him just draw a bunch of characters bunched together."

What a waste of Djurdjevic's talent.___________________________________________________

I don't believe I've ever made a fart joke on these things.

And I won't be starting now.

Decent enough Leonard Kirk cover.___________________________________________________

While a bit formulaic, this cover layout by Carlo Pagulayan is a good one.


It is incredibly hard for me to believe (and distressing, if true) that this cover is by the man credited, Michael Golden.

This is not a BAD cover, but Michael Golden is not supposed to draw stuff as routine as this Iron Man cover!___________________________________________________

When the coolness of your cover is almost entirely based on the affection readers may have for Night Thrasher, you're in trouble.

And bringing Night Thrasher to the Marvel Adventures universe? Wow, that's...interesting.___________________________________________________

A very nice design job by Frank Cho is undermined a bit by the character work, particularly Sentry.

Also, following Cho on the title - Angel Medina?!?! I know he's worked with Bendis in the past, but doesn't Bendis remember how it really didn't work - and that Sam and Twitch was immeasurably better once Medina left the book?___________________________________________________

Nice Jo Chen cover for the Last of the Mohicans Marvel adaptation.


I don't think I've ever seen this happen before - the cover motif is the same, and yet the cover artist is different!

I guess you could count when Ron Frenz took over from John Byrne on the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe covers...___________________________________________________

I never thought I'd see the day, but I think I may be a bit MODOK-ed out.

I wonder how Horn was able to deal with drawing an ugly person...___________________________________________________

Is Suydam referencing the film Titanic with this cover?

Is THAT what this is?

Or is this (GASP!) an original cover idea?___________________________________________________

Nice Jimmy Cheung cover.


Ooooh...the Dark X-Men!

I am so happy they're back!

Not really.

That was sarcasm.

I think it is actually pretty lame.

You know what would save it? If that head guy was Dark Doug Ramsey.

I've always wanted to read a comic where Dark Doug Ramsey led the Dark X-Men against a hodgepodge group of mutants living in England.


Is this going to be a thing now?

Every book has to have a cover with the hero faced off against Iron Man?

Iron Man is becoming the Glass Joe of Marvel covers...everyone has to go through him...___________________________________________________

Skottie Young is in better form on this New X-Men cover.

He is actually using his greatest talent as an artist, which is the manic energy he can bring to the table.

Much better than the awkward pose-offs he's been doing for Cable/Deadpool.___________________________________________________

Nice cover design by Scott Kolins.

I am a sucker for using negative space. ___________________________________________________

Run of the mill Tim Bradstreet cover.


The freakiest thing is that Olivetti has REDUCED the size of Punisher's arms for this cover!

Yee-ikes! ___________________________________________________

Funny Greg Horn cover, but the design on the lawyer on the cover is annoying - because it is a perfect example of characters not being designed like the characters themselves, but rather, whatever reference is available.

Horn, though, is a LOT better at this than Greg Land.

To wit, look at this month's Ultimate Power cover...

Are ANY of these ladies on this cover drawn the same from the last time LAND HIMSELF drew them?

You can't just take different references for the same person!___________________________________________________

Black Bolt is a jerk - dude's standing on some SHIELD agent's HEAD!

John Watson having a little movement to his cover, which is a nice change of pace from his work on Uncanny X-Men, like this month's cover...

That has got to be one of the most static fight scenes you're ever going to see.___________________________________________________

I am unfamiliar with the name Richard Tercio. Fill me in!

Nice enough cover.___________________________________________________

I love when covers are not only intriguing, but reflect the interiors of the book.


Not loving this Esad Ribic cover.

Also, when the heck did Ribic start work on this? 1995?___________________________________________________

Oh, so these covers are supposed to form one giant image.

That makes the bizarre layouts on some of the covers make a LOT more sense.___________________________________________________

Very cinematic feel to this Ferry cover.

It would make for a cool movie poster.___________________________________________________

This is an odd cover layout by Bagley.

It reminds me of this month's Exiles, and I mean that in a bad way.___________________________________________________

Nice enough Yanick Paquette cover.

Anyone know why he was listed on the cover of the last issue of Ultimate X-Men, but the writer was not?___________________________________________________

Decent Djurdjevic cover, although he is hamstrung by how lame the design on Wolverine's son is.

You'd think he was the new Blue Beetle, with how lame he looks!


Wow, a huge change of pace for Simone Bianchi! The same fight from a DIFFERENT ANGLE!!

Getting boring here...___________________________________________________

This John Romita Jr. cover is a much better "stepping on my enemies" cover than Silent War.


Pretty good Mike Choi X-23 cover.


This Andrea DiVito cover is a bit too "by the books" for me.

Well, that and the stupid giant wolf head, of course. ___________________________________________________

What luck! Lose out on Djurdjevic, and get Kevin freakin' Nowlan to do your covers, now!


Strong cover by Grummett.


HONORABLE MENTIONS___________________________________________________

Strong Yu cover.

Love the use of the white.___________________________________________________

Cute Jo Chen Runaways cover.


I highly appreciate Salvador Larocca's respect for his forebears.

And the end result is a neat cover effect. ___________________________________________________

TOP FIVE!___________________________________________________

5. Now THIS is the type of cover I expect from Michael Golden.

Something different and striking and appealing.

I'm not asking for too much, am I?___________________________________________________

4. Very clever Brian Denham cover.

It really stands out as a cover for its uniqueness and humor.___________________________________________________

3. Djurdjevic does it again!

A strong cover design, mixed with some good humor result in a very good cover.


2. Chris Bachalo can often come up with very striking design ideas.

This X-Men cover is one of his best cover ideas, and executed quite well.


1. This Wieringo cover, while well-drawn in and of itself, is a perfect example of an interesting cover idea that just goes out of its way to draw the reader in.

Nothing more for a cover to do than that!___________________________________________________

Well, that's it for me! Feel free to share YOUR prejudices (and your top fives)!!

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