Judging (Marvel's June, July AND August) Books by Their Covers - Part 3

Marvel's June and July solicitations have been out for long that their August solicits are out, too, so let's make some prejudgments for all three month's worth of comics based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don't we?).

To save on your load times, I'm breaking them into three parts!

Here's August! ___________________________________________________


First, Cyclops breaks out "Blue Steel" on this Dodsons cover, featuring a decent group pile-on.

Then he breaks out "Le Tigre" on this Ken Lashley X-Men: Legacy cover...

Uh oh, he is using "Ferrari" on this Adi Granov Cable cover, where Granov continues the tradition of depicting the baby character as though she is the size of a kitten...


He just dropped "Magnum" on this otherwise pretty bland Land cover!!!


Makes sense, Land knows the poses of models well. ___________________________________________________

I normally enjoy Mike Mayhew's work, but I think he dropped the ball on this cover - the character's expressions are all lacking, well, EXPRESSION.

Particularly Jean, who happens to be the focus of the cover!! ___________________________________________________

I'll admit - the idea of showing Wolverine right after a vicious fight is a pretty good idea.

So good idea, Clayton Crain!


Kind of a generic looking team cover by Carlo Pagulayan, but at least it is well drawn.


Strange (albeit interesting) cover by Boo Cook.


Cute cover by Salvador Espin.

I especially like seeing the Spidey doll. ___________________________________________________

Decent cover design by McNiven, and his figures are handled well.


Stephen Segovia must have made a mistake - he drew in a floating Wolverine head where he must have meant to put in a Cyclops floating head.

I presume Marvel will fix it before the book ships. ___________________________________________________

I normally enjoy odd perspectives, but I think this Angel Medina cover goes past odd and into "why are you laying the cover out like that? territory.


It is impressive by Denis Bajram to be able to have the character's facial expression pop as much as it does on this cover.


A fall-off, of sorts, from Gabriele Dell'Otto's previous Ultimate X-Men covers.


Good cover by Immonen, but I think the effect should be more dramatic - I don't think the sense of urgency is really being conveyed here.


Billy Tan completes the quadtych with a disappointing drawing of the Thing.


Cute cover concept by Paul Gulacy.

I'm even impressed by his facial work!!___________________________________________________

Ugly Billy Tan cover.

Bring back Djurdjevic!!!! ___________________________________________________

I guess Land figured one pose (hero carrying someone) would work for both of his covers this month!

I joke! I joke! The two images are not that similar - just same actions. ___________________________________________________

Garney makes Skaar look suitably ominous here.


VERY clever idea, having Terry Moore draw the first cover of his run on the comic.

Anyone know why Alphona is no longer doing this book?

While we're at it - why are the Knaufs off of Iron Man - their choice or Marvel's choice? ___________________________________________________

I get what Gurihiru is GOING for here, but he does not get it.

The end result is not cute - it is lame. ___________________________________________________

The Dodsons don't seem to exactly be putting a ton of energy into this cover design.


Yikes! Mike McKone - way too busy there, man!

And it's not even like the main figures are even that interesting. ___________________________________________________

Michael Ryan continues the triptych (or is it a quadtych?) nicely with this next part.


Fine, Juan Doe! I will buy whatever product you want me to! Geez!!


I can just imagine Gabriele Dell'Otto's thought process - "Hey...I know what would be cool and different! Just show a Skrull face on the cover! NO one would have thought of doing that! Certainly not Greg Horn!"


So far, so good with Ramos and the Runaways.

I dig the designs - a lot sharper than Ramos has been as of late.___________________________________________________

Wow! Alex Maleev sneaking in a Punisher/Midnighter crossover without us knowing!!

Where's Frank Tieri when you need gay jokes about the Punisher?!?! ___________________________________________________

A nice Dave Johnson cover (that's almost implied when it is Dave Johnson), but I dunno if it is striking enough for the first post-Ennis issue of Punisher.


That's some fine Joshua Middleton aping by Alina Urusov!!

It's kind of a haphazard collage, though. ___________________________________________________

Paul Davidson's cover here is awfully shiny...


Yeah! This is the Nic Klein I love! Tons of manic energy!!


While a bit of a cliche, this cover arrangement is a cliche that WORKS.

Although Brandon Peterson's cover is also a bit on the shiny side. ___________________________________________________

Is this Alex Garner piece the cover of New Exiles or is it a leftover card from the 1994 set of Marvel Masterworks?


Sorry, Aleksi Briclot - it's a clever homage, but it is still a Skrull homage - so automatic failure!


Horn with the nice use of negative space!!

Shame his Ms. Marvel figure looks way weird - this could have been an awesome cover. Horn can be SUCH an awesomely creative cover designer - and he often then screws the pooch with some odd female designs.___________________________________________________

Pretty good Stephen Segovia cover.

The assortment of heroes flows better here. ___________________________________________________

Strong art from Gerald Parel, although I think it could stick out a little more.


Not a bad Michael Ryan cover - sort of a Patrick Scherberger vibe going on, which is nice.


Cool looking Roger Cruz cover - although I think Spidey's strategy looks suspect.


Pretty straightforward David Nakayama cover here.


Cute Salvador Espin cover - although I am curious - is that supposed to be Thing's reflection on the water balloon? If so - that's odd.


Leonard Kirk wanted me to be able to bust out the ol' "boring cover" bit!

Thanks, Leonard!


Very interesting stylistic change by Jim Muniz.

Not a great cover, but I like the style change. ___________________________________________________

Strong cover by Travel Foreman.

Covers like this one are always a good idea!

Although it is odd that there is red blood here but black blood on a recent Fantastic Four cover.___________________________________________________

Wow, now it is Salvador Larocca that is busting up the "generic looking Iron Man covers" trifecta with a plot-based cover!!

Luckily, Gabriele Dell'Otto and Adi Granov quickly right the ship with their generic looking covers.


Weird looking JRJr cover - the action appears a bit stilted.


I'll accept this Clint Langley cover if one of the team actually IS a Skrull.

Otherwise, you're on the list, Langley!! ___________________________________________________

It is almost as if she is carrying the plastic ring at the top of a milk bottle!! I know Hannah the cat always goes nuts for those things.

Another nice piece of characterization by Doug Alexander. ___________________________________________________

Tomm Coker keeping up the ominous...ness?


Good work by Niko Henrichon!

The detail is striking. ___________________________________________________

It appears as though Doom and Johnny are dueting on a power ballad on this Hitch cover.

I wonder which one.

I vote for "I Want to Know What Love Is" ___________________________________________________

Djurdjevic also has the manic energy thing down pat.


A little fall off by Sean Phillips.

Still a good cover. ___________________________________________________

Is this seriously Hitch?

Weird - doesnt look like his work.

I hope they don't change Captain Britain's cover - I love the Alan Davis era costume the best. ___________________________________________________

Another cool movie poster cover by Steve Epting, although I don't like the costume - it is like the shield points down towards Cap's crotch!

First kids are going to start shooting each other due to Cap carrying guns and knives, and now they're going to be all sexed up because his costume points at his crotch! Marvel - you are EVIL!!


Another strong Pearson cover.


Not a great cover, but at least it is not an homage, so bonus points, Mark Brooks!!


I think Bianchi is just recycling old Wolverine covers now.


Ron Frenz with an energy infusion!!

Nice stuff! ___________________________________________________

Some costumes aren't meant to look realistic, Adi Granov!!


Pretty cool cover by Jimenez.


The inset is now totally as good as the ornate borders!

Well done, Pollina!


Good work by Tommy Lee Edwards.

Realistic looking action.

___________________________________________________HONORABLE MENTIONS ___________________________________________________

Gabriele Dell'Otto brings the energy (literally) on this cool Thor cover.


Excellent cover design by Boo Cook.


Paolo Rivera puts a lot of depth into this Twelve cover.


A fine final cover of this excellent run - I love the contemplative look Bradstreet gives Punisher, while still blocking his face, so he is as detached as always - such thought was put into this cover - well done, Mr. Bradstreet!!


Another classic cute cover by Chris Eliopoulos


The best of the three covers for this Corben series.


Another bold cover by Daniel Acuña!

Translate into the interiors, please!


Good, classic imagery by John Romita, Jr.


This strong Suydam cover JUST missed the Top Five for me.

I love the mixture of the foreground and the background figures.___________________________________________________

TOP FIVE!! ___________________________________________________

5. This is a close match, but I enjoy this energetic Immonen cover a bit more than the Moon Knight cover.


4. One of the cooler uses of the logo that Mike Deodato has done on his She-Hulk cover run.


3. Some points off for her being nude for no particular reason, but otherwise, this is easily the coolest thing I've ever seen from Stephan Seijic!

It is bold, it is character-based, it tells a story - it is a wonderful cover. ___________________________________________________

2. Alex Ross bringing the energy!!

Often, when he goes energetic, there is a loss of coherence, but this cover holds on well.

And look at the dynamism!! ___________________________________________________

1. A classic cover. It's one of those covers that makes you think "Why hasn't this particular cover idea been used a lot?"

And when you do something that seems obvious in retrospect, you're doing something right! ___________________________________________________

Okay, that's it! Feel free to share your prejudices (and your top fives)!

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