Judging (Marvel's June) Books By Their Covers

Marvel's June Solicitations are up, so now is as good a time as any for us to make prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don't we?).

Let's begin! ___________________________________________________

Clever cover concept by Phil Hester.

The execution was good, too.___________________________________________________

Strong Jim Cheung cover.

Very nice action sequence.___________________________________________________

Pretty bland Aaron Lopresti cover. I know these things are almost bland by nature, but even so...


Arthur Suydam covers!!!

First off, the whole "every cover is a cover homage featuring zombies got old, like, the instant Marvel Zombies ended...man, it is ESPECIALLY old now!

Clever enough cover homage choices, though.___________________________________________________


Usual assortment of good Djurdjevic covers, although nothing extremely striking.

Still, good stuff.

First, a neat Spider-Man/Blade team-up.

Good posing.___________________________________________________

Pretty striking Daredevil cover, although I'm not loving the whole "making it look like the movie costume" idea.


Nice standard pose cover.

Good facial features.___________________________________________________

I am impressed by how well Djurdjevic manages to show an action sequence looking frenetic, but not over the top confusing.


This cover, though, doesn't make as much sense.

What the heck is the point of putting Moonstone where she is?___________________________________________________

Odd Steve Epting cover. He usually doesn't look THIS photo realistic. Sorta Greg Horn-y. I don't dig it.


Decent Sean Phillips cover, although I think it is a bit TOO subdued.


Nice, creepy Jae Lee cover.


This Carmine Di Giandomenico cover is WAY too graphic.

What a strange idea for a cover!___________________________________________________

Very strong Tomm Coker cover.

Not the sort of cover you expect from an issue of Exiles, of all places!___________________________________________________

A pal of mine had a great story involving his interest in Turner when he was younger, but I agreed not to share it with you folks.

Instead, I will have to go with my fallback discussion of this cover - This cover is terrible.


Bit of an odd cover from Chris Eliopoulos.

I usually expect a little more clever of a cover than this.___________________________________________________

Nice Gabrielle Dell'Otto Ghost Rider cover.


A bit too busy of a cover by Clayton Crain.


This is one of the strongest covers I have seen from Clayton Henry.

Reminds me of Frank Cho's better work.___________________________________________________

Nice fight cover by Gary Frank.

It's pretty much a realistic fight scene, which is rare on comic book covers.___________________________________________________

Bit of a disappointing David Williams cover.

A little too manic.___________________________________________________

Hulk...Front Line?!?

How bizarre.

Almost as bizarre as this John Watson cover. ___________________________________________________

Nifty Travel Foreman cover.

Really draws the eye.___________________________________________________

I have to tell you...I know it has a lot of his cheesiest elements in it, but I think this is a pretty decent Greg Land cover.

Okay...after I wrote that, I looked at it again...and yeah, the figure work is poor, but the rest of the cover is interesting!___________________________________________________

Love those movie poster homages!

Although, really, does ANYone remember the Pretty in Pink movie poster nowadays? ___________________________________________________

Pretty bland Leonard Kirk cover.


Who had kidnapped Michael Golden and replaced him with some other artist named Michael Golden who draws bland Iron Man covers?

I must find this out promptly!___________________________________________________

Fun Patrick Scherberger cover.


WAYYY too bright-looking Treasure Island cover.

I know that has always been a Greg Hildebrant staple, but man, is it off-putting.___________________________________________________

Wow...a Frank Cho cover with a half-naked DUDE!

What is this world coming to?!?!___________________________________________________

Not a bad cover design by Greg Horn.


Some odd stylistic choices by Paolo Rivera, but in the end, I think it works.


I don't dig these "looks like a panel from the comic" covers.

Even from great artists like Yu. ___________________________________________________

Straightforward Scot Eaton cover.

Decent enough, but very forgettable.___________________________________________________

Not the best image for a first issue, I don't think.

Anyone know of Nic Klein's previous works?___________________________________________________

Skottie Young is a bit out of control on this cover.

At times, his craziness works. Here, I don't think it does.___________________________________________________

Adi Granov coming through with one of those match-up covers that both

A. Doesn't look like they're about to kiss


B. Looks like an actual fight.

Well done.___________________________________________________

Nice cover by Scott Kolins - until you get to the weird liquid-y thing on his face. That's not supposed to be a TEAR, is it?


Good Oeming cover.


This is like watching Pumping Iron...only with less cheesy outfits.

Frank Castle a juicer...so sad.___________________________________________________

One of Clayton Crain's better efforts.


Fun John Watson cover.


And a very intriguing John Watson cover here, too.

I could stare at Black Bolt's ass for days.___________________________________________________

Didn't Ribic start working on this mini-series, like, eleventy years ago?

Good cover, though.___________________________________________________

Can Ron Frenz draw a cover withOUT homaging someone?



Ron Garney looks like he'll win easily with this slick number, making the Kingpin's head take up three states worth of cover.


However, Mark Bagley counters by making Kingpin's head the size of a building!

Victory - Bagley!

And in his last issue, too!___________________________________________________

Pretty boring cover design by Mike Wieringo.


Just bizarre cover design by Niko Henrichon


And a normal enough design by Pierre Alary, but WEIRD facial features for Mr. Fantastic.

And the BRIDGE??!!? NOT THE BRIDGE AGAIN!!!___________________________________________________

Miyazawa's cover here is a bit too low key, in my book.


Wow...this Turner cover is pretty decent!

Especially for a first issue. Nice cover design, and decent execution!

Congrats, Mike! ___________________________________________________

Decent Ferry cover, if a bit bland.


Wow...this Paquette cover is scary...in a BAD way.


Nicely drawn Storm by Larocca...I dunno if I like it as a cover, though.


Strong visual by David Finch for World War Hulk's first issue.


Pretty goofy looking Ed McGuinness cover.


This one is way easy, but what the heck, a cool point to the first person who tells me which cover this is an homage of.


Strangely low key for a special one-shot issue.

Although, seeing as how it is by Silvestri, I should be impressed by how low key it is. ___________________________________________________

Nice Eric Nguyen cover.

Rick Remender wasn't kidding - Nguyen looks like he'll be big!___________________________________________________

HONORABLE MENTIONS!___________________________________________________

This is a darn fine anniversary issue cover by Dave Finch.


Very amusing Barracuda cover by Goran Parlov.


Clever cover idea by Paul Smith, but strangely disappointing figure work.

A little TOO cartoony.___________________________________________________

Very nice cover for a first issue by Aleksi Briclot.

Anyone know of any other work done by Briclot?___________________________________________________

Very powerful Iron Man: Hypervelocity cover by Brian Denham.

Is he working over Warren breakdowns on the cover? ___________________________________________________

TOP FIVE!!___________________________________________________

5. Clever cover image by Gerald Parel.

Really draws the reader in. ___________________________________________________

4. Very nice work by Alex Maleev.

Like a really cool movie poster. ___________________________________________________

3. Neat cover idea by Jo Chen.

I especially love how Old Lace is blurred.___________________________________________________

2. Tim Bradstreet, with the really unique and clever cover idea!

Go Tim!

I knew you had it in you! ___________________________________________________

1. The idea of a book reprinting Avengers issues from the 60s is just doomed to failure, but hey, if it means I get to see Art Adams draw every Avenger ever...I'll take it!

Love Art Adams.___________________________________________________

Well, that's it for me! Feel free to share YOUR prejudices (and your top fives)!!

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