Judging (Marvel's January) Books By Their Covers

Marvel's January Solicitations are up, so now is as good a time as any for us to make prejudgements based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgements, don't we?).

Let's begin! ___________________________________________________

Pretty decent Anita Blake cover by Brett Booth.


This Phil Hester Ant-Man cover is an improvement over his previous covers, but still doesn't seem to have the same sense of coolness you hope to see from a hero who can change sizes like Ant Man.

The idea is good, but the ant is almost listless - there is no real sense of action.___________________________________________________

Wow...that is one of the dorkiest looking new characters I have seen since Ravage 2099.

How do you do an homage to Punisher's first appearance with a character THAT dorky looking?

Couldn't they have let John Romita design THIS guy's costume, too?___________________________________________________

I love it!

The last series isn't, what, a year old and we already have an UPDATE!!

That's hilarious.

In this issue, we learn that Puck was really gay and Jim Wilson wasn't. He was trying to confuse the Hulk.___________________________________________________

I love that J2 is STILL working the flannel wrapped around his waist look.

Kudso, J2, kudso.___________________________________________________

Wait...wait...Black Panther is going AGAINST the American government?

This is shocking.

So very, very shocking.___________________________________________________

I don't get these Bullet Points covers by Tommy Lee Edwards. He is such a dynamic cover artist, and yet these covers are so BLAH.


You know what impresses me about Deadpool?

That little piece of fabric on his hood.

That's classy.

Spider-Man doesn't have one.

Mister Miracle doesn't have one.

Deathstroke doesn't have one.

Only Deadpool is willing to say - "Hey, if you had a hood covering your entire head, it'd probably have a little piece of fabric sticking out at the back of the head."

Bravo, Deadpool.


Holy shit! Is that a genie?

Are those magical ghost cops?


Those horns on this Lee Bermejo cover are WAY too big.

Anyone have a good joke regarding Bermejo writing himself into the newspaper as being brought in for questioning?___________________________________________________

Very nice Marcos Martin drawing, but I don't think it makes for a very good cover.




How creepy must it be to see yourself on a comic book cover?

And isn't it funny that the only character who CAN'T be photoshopped in looks terrible?

And "Sue" looks like she's fifteen!___________________________________________________

Not a bad Fantastic Four: The End cover by Alan Davis, but also not that impressive.

Nice drawing of the Thing, though.___________________________________________________

Very cool Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man cover.

Nicely done, Scot Eaton!___________________________________________________

How much do you think that would cost to get on your tomb?

Oh, and how the hell did Dr. Strange get his ass kicked by freaking GHOST RIDER!?!?___________________________________________________

If we didn't see so much of Misty's ass, this Heroes for Hire cover by Billy Tucci would actually be kinda cute.


Ladronn, like Planet: Hulk as a whole, has been phoning it in for months.

And Ladronn, like Planet: Hulk as a whole, was really, really good those first few months.___________________________________________________

Nice design work for this Iron Man cover by Adam Warren.


Iron Fist looks ridiculous.

Other than that, nice David Aja cover!___________________________________________________

Not so impressed with this Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters cover.



This Brett Booth cover for Magician: The Apprentice is scary bad!


Very clever Patrick Scherberger cover for Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man.


Imagine the olden days, when Kano would actually have to DRAW steam for this Fantastic Four cover!!



What is that on Ms. Marvel's neck?!?

Is that supposed to be shadows or neck marks?!!?


Wow, now Ms. Marvel is even getting her own SPECIALS!!

Nice cover by by Guiseppe Camuncoli


There is going to be a Mythos: Ghost Rider?!?

Words fail.

Nice enough cover, though!___________________________________________________

You know who I wished had the Infinity Gauntlet?

A blood-soaked fascist.


Not loving the design work on new universal #2 as much as I did on #1.


Is that supposed to look like he's throwing her towards us?

Because it doesn't.

So I hope that's not what Paco Medina was going for.___________________________________________________

He sure Calafiored the hell out of Juggernaut's outfit!


Unimpressed with this last issue cover of Nextwave.


Not a fan of this Onslaught Reborn cover.


This Phoenix Warsong cover freaks me out.

I think that may be a GOOD thing, though.


I'm sorry, I just can't get behind anything that sounds like it HAS to be an acronym, but isn't.

People Trapped Onboard Lame Underwater Submarines?

Pretty Tigers Ogling Large Unknown Seals?

Predictably Terse Obese Librarians Urging Silence?


You folks know I love it when photoshop artists actually put photographs on their covers.

It's like a total mind-trip.

Amd it's even funnier when folks like Rich Johnston point out where the drawings were...ahem...influenced by.


This Red Prophet cover isn't BAD, it's just boring.


Pretty nifty Jo Chen cover for Runaways.


That is a hideous Black Cat.

I mean, lordy, that is not good looking.___________________________________________________

Pretty cool John Watson cover for Silent War #1.

Exactly when is this SET, though?___________________________________________________

I love the subtle touch of this Takeshi Miyazawa cover for Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.


Pretty cool Arthur Suydum cover for Son of Satan.


Pretty blah Gurihiru cover for Spider-Man/Power Pack.


This Spider-Man Reign cover by Kaare Andrews is a hearty improvement on #1.


"That's what you get for reading Squadron Supreme!"

Seriously, nice Gulacy cover.


Is that the actual cover?

That is not a good cover.


Pretty neat visual for this Ultimate Fantastic Four cover by Ferry.


Decent Ultimate Spider-Man cover by Bagley.


Nice enough Ultimate X-Men cover by Ben Oliver.

His interiors, though, have really gotten good.___________________________________________________

Thank the lord!

Still not loving his Wonder Man, but Andrew Currie's cover for #2 is TONS better than #1.


"Dear Diary...."

Such a happy looking teenaged hooker.___________________________________________________

Angel-sense tingling!


Wow...the light on this X-Men Annual cover is pretty damn bright.

That's some impressive computer work!


HONORABLE MENTIONS___________________________________________________

Tomm Coker rules, so even when he does a lackluster Agents of Atlas cover, it is still very impressive.


Nova never looked so cool.

My only hope is that the battle destroyed those stupid metal things on his shoulders.

Also, thank goodness the tearing in his pants wasn't closer to his groin!___________________________________________________

A marked improvement for Dave Johnson.

This Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2 cover uses the gimmick to its advantage.___________________________________________________

Can you believe it?

A Greg Horn cover in the HONORABLE MENTIONS?!!?!?

Well, this one is pretty darn cool looking.


Very clever use of Hydra and Madrox on this X-Factor cover by Pablo Raimondi.


TOP FIVE___________________________________________________

5. The IDEA behind the cover is so awesome that I will forgive Marko Djurdjevic for the effect not really looking that well done.


4. When Simone Bianchi actually draws people DOING things, he is pretty damn impressive.


3. I can't believe that's actually Humberto Ramos.


Can you believe it?


2. What a clever Powers cover by Michael Avon Oeming.

I love funny little gimmicks like this.___________________________________________________

1. It's Cameron Stewart.

And he's drawing the Marvel Adventures: Avengers characters as MODOKS.

Holy crap, that's amazing.

Jeff Parker, you are a mad genius!!___________________________________________________

Well, that's it for me!

Feel free to share YOUR prejudices (and your top five)!

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