Judging (Marvel's December) Books By Their Covers

Marvel's January solicitations are about to go up, so before that happens, let us take a look at Marvel's December solicitations and make some prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don't we?).

Let's begin! ___________________________________________________

Jelena Djurdjevic lays out a good cover, but she's hurt by the costume design she's given for Captain Britain.

Boy, does he look goofy.

Oh, by the by, I believe I mentioned awhile ago that I thought that Djurdjevic would be a good interior artist, and she did some interiors on the recent Iron Fist Annual, and they were, in fact, quite good.

I win!___________________________________________________

This Scott Kolins' cover does not fully demonstrate how silly Korvus' gigantic sword looks.

Otherwise, this is a very nice layout for a Handbook issue - I like the break from the "everyone just standing around" design.___________________________________________________

All that rendering sure can be painful...

Seriously, though, definitely a striking cover by Finch...___________________________________________________

So this is going to be the new X-Force, huh?

There are a lot of good qualities to this Silvestri cover...but overall, it seems a bit stilted to me.___________________________________________________

Nice Jimmy Cheung cover.

It nicely sets up the main characters and also why they are together (their connection to the Hulk, seen in the background).


Interesting choice by Marko Djurdjevic on this Wolverine Origins cover.

I don't think this particular angle pays off in the end, but I admire him taking a different look at this type of cover shot. ___________________________________________________

Pretty standard style cover by Scott Kolins, but he executed it well.


How awesome is the look on Wolverine's face on this Suydam cover?

"DUDE!! I totally just stabbed you!!!"___________________________________________________

VERY nice drawing by Marko Djurdjevic for this cover, but in the end, I think he basically is just following Steve McNiven's lead here, so I think he loses some originality points.

And for Djurdjevic, his originality is usually his strongest asset (the figures are all drawn quite well, though). Good cover, still. ___________________________________________________

I can only imagine the scenario - "Remember that fake cover we had Marc draw up? I'd hate to waste it - come up with something where we can still use it!"


That is a pretty silly costume for Marvel Girl, but I like Billy Tan's depiction of her powers.

It is eye-catching.___________________________________________________

It's Stuart Immonen, so of course it's DRAWN well...

I just do not know if this is all that interesting of a cover image.___________________________________________________

Same thing with this Yanick Paquette Storm drawing.

Nice drawing, but I dunno if is something I'd want to hang a whole cover on.___________________________________________________

I like this Joe Madureira Ultimates 3 villains cover. I've already mentioned my approval of the heroes version when that cover was shown awhile ago.


While I'm discussing covers I have already remarked on, I absolutely adore this Marko Djurdjevic X-Men Messiah Complex cover/poster, but it, too, was shown awhile ago.


Very nice layout by David Finch (outside of Cap's shield - am I totally off and that way of handling it is actually totally correct looking?).


I like how Pasqual Ferry really stresses how alien technology can look at times.

It is the kind of off-putting image that helps catch the reader's eye. ___________________________________________________

Mark Brooks follows a similar theme with this crazy looking monster guy on this cover.

Definitely something that would draw a second look.___________________________________________________

What is up with Olivier Coipel's depiction of Thor's face?

It's like Thor is in a Looney Tunes cartoon and he just walked into a glass door, smooshing his face up... ___________________________________________________

The set-up by Jelena Djurdjevic is not super thrilling, but she accentuates the key aspect of the cover, which is Terror's missing arm, so I think it is a successful cover.


Good drawing of the Surfer by Gabrielle Dell'Otto...


Nice Phil Jimenez cover for this reprinting of the Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day comic.


This Turner cover does not even really seem to attempt to depict actual human interaction, but at the same time, I think he actually projects a certain level of charm to the drawing.

It's kind of a cute cover. ___________________________________________________

Very emotional cover by Jo Chen.


Pretty decent Ariel Olivetti cover.

Kraven's arms are only the size of SMALL trees.

I will take the improvement where I can get it! ___________________________________________________

Is this seriously the cover?

If IT IS, then, well...it's an...interesting approach by Tim Bradstreet.

If THIS cover got purchased, though, I fear we may see Bradstreet get bolder as time goes on.

Soon we'll just get covers with a close-up of the back of his shoe, or a close-up of a Snickers wrapper... ___________________________________________________

I think Paul Gulacy would rule on a Dr. Doom comic book!

It could feature Doom, Penance, Deadpool, that dude Zero from the old X-Force comics, Snake-Eyes and the Transformers. ___________________________________________________

Nicely drawn scene by Barry Kitson, but I do not know if I would feature this as the cover of a comic book.


Another striking cover by Farel Dalrymple...


Straightforward, but good idea for a cover design by Nic Klein...


I fear that Adi Granov is beginning to revisit some cover designs here on Nova...

And it's not as interesting the second time around... ___________________________________________________

Leinil Francis Yu really picks a discordant style of art for this New Avengers cover.

It almost reminds me of something out of Mad Magazine, but ultimately, I think his brashness carries the cover. ___________________________________________________

Oh man!!!

Check it out!!!

It's a classic Marvel cover, only Arthur Suydam has redone it so it features a ZOMBIE version of the original cover!!


This is so freaking awesome!!!

And not at all tiresome.

No sir. ___________________________________________________

Isn't there a game like this?

Where you're given a top, middle and bottom of a model and you're meant to then trace the image to the paper?

Greg Horn must be well versed at that game. ___________________________________________________

Fairly blase final cover by Marko Djurdjevic here.


The Portrait of Dorian Gray does not exactly lend itself to multiple good cover themes, does it?

So I'll cut Gerald Parel some slack here - it is nicely moody, though! ___________________________________________________

Scott Altmann takes an interesting approach to the depiction of the Trojan War.

I do not know if it pays off per se, but I think it was worth a shot. ___________________________________________________

Nice solid Mike Choi cover.


Hilarious Patrick Scherberger cover.

Isn't December an odd time for a baseball-themed issue, though? ___________________________________________________

Another striking Skottie Young cover.

I think the wildness helps him here, as it helps to give off an air of "holy bajeesus, that is some crazy armor right there!!" ___________________________________________________

Not the most dynamic of covers by Juan Santacruz, is it?

It reminds me of that issue of Stern/Buscema's Avengers where the Grey Gargoyle showed up, but some pages were accidentally colored wrong, so people were statues, but without looking grey.

So maybe the same mistake happened on this cover!

It would explain a lot... ___________________________________________________

Basically a fun cover by Leonard Kirk, although his take on the Thing is...odd.


Tom Grummett really seems to be getting a kick out of these "introduce classic Avengers into the Marvel Adventures: Avengers" covers.


Strong Kaare Andrews cover.

Iron Fist covers have a nice consistent look to them. ___________________________________________________

I would love to see Speed Demon get defeated by Julie Power.

It'd be high-larious. ___________________________________________________

Another strong Eric Canete cover.


You don't get much more random than a Hulk/Fin Fang Foom one-shot, do you?

Nicely drawn by Jimmy Cheung. ___________________________________________________

Fun looking Juan Bobillo cover.


Nicely designed Michael Perkins cover.

I actually should probably have this in the honorable mentions - I especially like the design across the bottom. ___________________________________________________

Wolverine looks like he has to go door to door when he moves into a neighborhood on this Hitch cover.

"I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice."

Yeesh. ___________________________________________________

Nice Tony Moore cover.


At least I think the point of Lan Medina's cover is to point out that Foolkiller's arms ARE absurdly big.


Perhaps this FF one-shot can challenge Hulk/Fin Fang Foom for most random project this month.

Nice Juan Doe cover.

Juan Doe is a cool name. ___________________________________________________

Very strong Tom Grummett cover for the last issue of this volume of Exiles.

A great cover design, and handled well by Grummett. ___________________________________________________

Okay, I guess last month's Daredevil was NOT the first part of a dipytch, so what the heck was UP with it last month?

This month, Djurdjevic gives us a strong (although pretty standard) cover. ___________________________________________________

I hear that some folks took issue with Brother Voodoo being the Hanged Man in Marvel's Tarot deck.

That's kinda funny. ___________________________________________________

Nice Ed McGuinness cover.

Did Lee Weeks draw the Captain Marvel one-shot from Civil War? Or was it Tom Raney?

Weeks is a GREAT artist, but seems like a strange fit for this type of book. ___________________________________________________

Good Steve Epting cover.

He draws a real nice Iron Man. ___________________________________________________

The torn mask is a real nice touch by Billy Tan.

Good cover. ___________________________________________________

At least it isn't Jan.


A bit too stylized of an Art Adams cover here for my tastes.

I also think he veered a bit too far away from the original issue's contents. ___________________________________________________

I think these villains look way too silly.

Still, nice cover layout by McNiven.

I am also totally digging him signing the work "Team Civil War." That's pretty classy. ___________________________________________________

HONORABLE MENTIONS!___________________________________________________

It's Spider-Man and Frog Thor - come on, what's not to like?

Cool idea, Chris Eliopoulos!!! ___________________________________________________

Powers, it seems, uses shadows to really good effect.

I especially love Deena Pilgrim's teeth in this cover.

Well done by Oeming. ___________________________________________________

Talk about an unsettling cover!!

But Kyle Hotz definitely grabs our attention with it, doesn't he?___________________________________________________

"In a very special issue of Captain America, the Avengers have a talk with Steve over his eating disorder."

Strong Breitweiser cover. ___________________________________________________

Nicely stylized work by Eric Nguyen.


Last stand shots are cool looking.

Aleksi Briclot depicts this one quite well. ___________________________________________________

I have NO idea what is going on with this Gerard Parel cover, but I think it is a good sign of his skills as a cover artist that I am really intrigued as to find out what the deal is.


TOP FIVE!___________________________________________________

5. This is one of Finch's strongest covers in recent memory...

It has a certain loose feel that his art does not usually have, and it really makes the cover stand out, visually. ___________________________________________________

4. A very cool return to basics cover by Steve McNiven..

The attention to detail is sparkling. ___________________________________________________

3. I probably haven't given Mike Deodato as much props as he might deserved these last couple of months on She-Hulk, as he has been trying some really creative cover choices.

If it weren't for his take on She-Hulk, which is a bit too T&A-y, this cover would be a strong contender for #1 with the cleverness of it. ___________________________________________________

2. What a great anniversary cover by Frenz and Buscema...

Frenz has been on a role with his Spider-Girl covers as of late... ___________________________________________________

1. Am I sucker for Christmas covers?


But come on, it's Frazer Irving!!! Christmas or not, he rules!

The cover reminds me of Chris Giarrusso's gag where he has Wolverine cutting everyone's food, and them asking, "Didn't you just use those claws to kill some zombies?"

Check out Chris Giarrusso's site here for more fun Mini-Marvel strips!! ___________________________________________________

Well, that's it for me this month! Feel free to share YOUR prejudices (and your Top Fives)!

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