Judging (Marvel's April) Books By Their Covers

Marvel's April Solicitations are up, so now is as good a time as any for us to make prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don't we?).

Let's begin! ___________________________________________________

Good drawing by Ron Garney, but yet another cover by him that really doesn't leap out at the viewer.

Which is surprising, as his first cover for Back in Black was very striking.___________________________________________________

One of Ron Frenz's stronger Spider-Girl covers.


I love that Goran Parlov is just being allowed to go totally wild with these covers.

This book looks like it will be a lot of fun.


Neat Niko Henrichon cover for Black Panther.

Henrichon was a good pick-up for Marvel for cover work.___________________________________________________


It's a Cable POSE OFF!!!!!

Chris Bachalo throws the gauntlet down with this interesting X-Men cover with Cable posing on it!

It's strong, especially with the random "looks like someone just drew on it in Windows Paint" grey line on his chest! Very unique choice!___________________________________________________

Oh, but wait!

Skottie Young counters by just EXPLODING OUR MINDS with this Cable and Deadpool cover!

I can barely comprehend what Young was even trying to accomplish with this cover, but in pose-offs, the wilder and more incomprehensible you are, the BOLDER you are, so Young wins the pose-off!!___________________________________________________

Strong Jae Lee Dark Tower cover.


Is this the cover of the Eternals HC?

If so, then I approve.___________________________________________________

It's weird...I like Paul Pelletier's art, but man, everything he draws, no matter how dark it is meant to be, it just comes out so rosy.

Like a little kid trying to act mean.

"Oooh...look at me, I'm vicious!"

"Yes, you are, sweetheart. So vicious and scary - and PRECIOUS!"___________________________________________________

This FF cover is all sorts of wrong.

But at least Turner has the "alien anatomy is totally different!" argument!___________________________________________________


I do not love this Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man cover, but Mike Wieringo came up with an interesting visual, just perhaps not one that works that well as a cover, especially with the placement of the logo (won't it block the Sandman's eyes? - unless it's an awesome cover that has the logo sucked in as well! THAT would rule!).

Meanwhile, though, he does not come up with a very interesting visual at all for his FF/Spider-Man cover.

The best he can come up with for a first issue is just a basic posing cover?



This Ghost Rider cover is decent enough, I guess.

Kinda boring, to be honest.

However, he redeems himself by actually pulling out a clever cover homage for the latest Marvel Zombies cover!!

I will admit, I wasn't sure if he had it in him, as the Zombies covers were getting to feel pretty routine.___________________________________________________


Not feeling this Sensational Spider-Man cover...

but I will give it up to him for this Ghost Rider cover...that is a pretty interesting cover - a lot of motion and movement.




Nice Brian Denham cover for Iron Man:Hypervelocity.

Very manic, but in a controlled manner.___________________________________________________

What do you think?

Intentionally phallic, or no?


Nice cover design by Scherberger (how funny is it that I can spell his name now without even looking?).

Here, though, I think his cartoony work sorta detracts from the cover.___________________________________________________

Nice Carlo Pagulayan cover.

And yes, I still need to check to see if I am spelling his name correctly.___________________________________________________

I don't get it.

We've HAD female Ultrons before.

Alkhema, right?

So there's nothing wrong with this idea, but it's also not exactly original, right?

Nice cover by Cho, though.___________________________________________________

Nice P. Craig Russell cover.

Just slightly stylized. I dig it.___________________________________________________

What is Dave Finch's obsession with this clocktower motif?

Is he getting paid to endorse clocktowers or something?

Do we have to get a Congressional Committee to look into corruption on kickbacks on comic book covers?!?___________________________________________________


I got nothing.

I don't like it, but he's been doing these things long enough that it's hard to keep teasing the covers.

So you folks write your own joke here!!

Share it with me if it's a good one!___________________________________________________

Not a BAD cover by Salvador Larocca, but at the same time, it is practically the opposite of a striking cover.

It is WAY subdued.

TOO subdued, I say.___________________________________________________

Another good Niko Henrichon cover.

This one is even better than the Black Panther cover.___________________________________________________

Pretty strong Scot Eaton cover.

A bit darker than usual for him - I like it.


Nice enough Adi Granov cover, but come on people, we lose the shoulder spiky things (which were lame) only to have them replaced by ARM spiky thing?!!?


Wow, this is one of the strongest Scott Kolins covers that I have seen in a long time.

Especially the vibrant colors.


Decent Bradstreet cover. It's an interesting concept.


I think Punisher might get out of this because the way Olivetti draws his arms, they may have just accidentally tied Frank's arm to his other arm, presuming it was a tree trunk.


Decent Greg Horn cover.

Poor Iron Man - no one loves him.___________________________________________________

Pretty cool John Watson cover.

The way he actually adds a little movement to the cover was impressive.___________________________________________________

Nice enough cover by Miyazawa. However, what is the cover supposed to be looking like? A menu? A notebook? What?


Pretty solid Paul Gulacy cover.


A lot of Marko Djurdevic's covers are starting to have characters in similar poses to this cover (the sorta floating thing).

That's an odd tic.

Nice cover, though! ___________________________________________________

The Thing looks like a dinosaur on this cover.

"Not the mama!"

Wow...remember when that was a REALLY popular catch phrase?

Why am I totally fine with "Where's the beef?" but not "Not the mama!"?___________________________________________________

I don't get it.

It doesn't really look like they're about to hit each other.

It seems a bit off.

But it is a nice enough cover, otherwise.


Bendis has two styles of humor when it comes to his own work.

1. Self-effacing

2. Pretending to be self-effacing while not really being self-effacing.

I think Ultimate Ronin is #1.___________________________________________________

Ultimate Falcon looks weird on this cover.


Nicely drawn Beast.


Not impressed by this Uncanny cover.

The stances and body language appear stilted.


Very nice David Mack cover.

It should probably be higher up, to be frank.___________________________________________________

Is Simone Bianchi just, like, reusing the same cover image now for each cover?

How silly.___________________________________________________

Pretty strong Mike Choi cover.


If it weren't for the big stupid wolf head, I think I would really like this Pablo Raimondi X-Factor cover.


Interesting look by Djurdjevic for this X-Men: First Class cover.

A little more cartoony than normal for him. It's an interesting approach.___________________________________________________

Strong Grummett cover.

Nicely laid out.___________________________________________________

HONORABLE MENTIONS!!___________________________________________________

Strong David Aja cover.


Very strong Djurdjevic cover for Daredevil.

It would be higher, but I think I have come to expect such creative things from him that, when he does more straightforward works, they disappoint me (same with Cam Stewart).___________________________________________________

Clever idea for an homage by Jason Pearson, and his effortless mastery of expressions...so impressive.

I really enjoy Pearson's work.___________________________________________________

What a trippy Michael Golden cover.

But in a good way!___________________________________________________

TOP FIVE!!___________________________________________________

5. Ladronn returns to the Top Five with an explosive Hulk cover!


4. If it wasn't for the Venom part of this cover, I would totally have this Kano cover as one of the top 1-2 covers this month.

It reminds me a lot of Darwyn Cooke.___________________________________________________

3. Very clever Cameron Stewart cover for Marvel Adventures: Avengers.

My pal Cay is upset, though, because he had his Ego the Living Planet/Mogo slash fiction idea ready months ago!___________________________________________________

2. David Williams follows up his strong cover for the first issue of this mini-series with an even stronger cover this month.

Look at the job he does with the expressions! It is even (a little bit) less glossy on their faces!

A strong layout idea backed up with excellent execution and attention to detail. A great cover. ___________________________________________________

1. Each month, Marko Djurdjevic seems to put out at least one really clever cover design. Most of the time, for whatever reason, it's Blade.

This month is no exception.

That is a striking, interesting AND clever cover.

And it's even appropriate to the story inside!

Pretty darn great cover.___________________________________________________

Well, that's it for me! Feel free to share YOUR prejudices (and your top fives)!!

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