Judging (Image's April) Books By Their Covers

Image's April Solicitations went up awhile ago, so let's make some prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don't we?)!

Let's begin! ___________________________________________________

I am thrilled to see Madman return, and just the awesomeness of that was almost enough for me to place this cover in the Top Five, but while the drawing by Allred is good (as usual), I don't think it had as much pop as one would hope for in a cover.

It's also pretty weird to cover up the logo on a first issue.___________________________________________________

Very neat William Stout cover for Alien Pig Farm.

Quite trippy.___________________________________________________

The cartoonish nature of this Tone Rodriguez cover for Unravel stands out a bit with the style of the cover in general, and not in a good way.

With that disconnect excluded, Rodriguez lays out a strong cover design. I am impressed.___________________________________________________

Pretty decent Chris Brunner cover for The Ride.

Is The Ride one of those comics with the car company deal? There are at least TWO comics out there based just on advertising cars, right?

How weird is THAT?___________________________________________________

Not as impressive with Manny Trembley's cover for the Sam Noir: Special Edition comic.

Decent drawing, but not too gripping.___________________________________________________

Is this Chaz Truog cover new?


Very strong Jason Armstrong cover for Ferro City.

Reminds me of Grist.

Grist is awesome.___________________________________________________

This is a good job by Ottley for the latest Invincible hardcover collection.

but I do not like this regular Invincible cover by Ottley.

All that type doesn't look good.___________________________________________________

Nice Frank Espinosa cover for the latest Rocketo collection.


Surprisingly strong Greg Capullo cover for this Sam and Twitch collection.

It IS pretty funny to see them hype Bendis NOW, while his departure was not taken too well back then.___________________________________________________

Decent Juan Ferreyra cover for After the Cape.


Did Ant just read a review of her comic?

But yeah, not a very attractive cover by Mario Gully.___________________________________________________

Nicely noir-like cover by Jordan Raskin for Black Mist.

What's Raskin been up to lately?___________________________________________________

Not my scene, but Jimmie Robinson sure does commit to his themes.


Nice enough Sana Takeda cover for Drain.

Pretty standard fare, though.___________________________________________________

Nice, moody piece by David Lloyd.


Strong Girls cover.

Man, I am so happy to see this book end, and for the Luna Brothers to work on something good again.___________________________________________________

Here is an example of where cartoony can hurt the dramatic impact of a cover.

Yildiray Cinar is not bad on this cover, but the mood doesn't fit the style.___________________________________________________

Vasilis Lolo and Becky Cloonan both do nice jobs on Pirates of Coney Island, but nothing exactly stand out, either.


Nice enough cover by Erik Larsen.

Fairly routine, though.___________________________________________________

Interesting cover from new Spawn artist, Brian Haberlin.

Haberlin is a nice pick-up.

I don't like this cover, but that's not Haberlin's fault.___________________________________________________

Decent enough Dave Ahn cover for Strongarm.


Very nice layout by Mario Boon for Texas Strangers.

I am not thrilled with the execution, but the design and layout is top notch.___________________________________________________

Nice enough Tom Beland cover for True Story Swear to God.


A bit too low key Walking Dead cover for me by Charles Adlard.

I think he could come up with a cooler cover design.___________________________________________________

Really nice David Nakayama cover for City of Heroes.

I am especially impressed by the effects on the cover by Blond.

It really helps the cover flow.___________________________________________________

Very bland Conrad/Migliari cover for Freshmen.


There is a lot of good design work on this Madame Mirage cover by Kenneth Rocafort, which makes it disappointing when he goes to the lame T&A stuff.

He has some nice design sense.___________________________________________________

Not liking this Witchblade Manga cover by Kazasa Sumita.

It doesn't flow well at all.___________________________________________________

Pretty good Joseph Michael Linsner cover for Witchblade/Punisher.

Nice layout....not great execution, but better than some other Linsner covers.___________________________________________________

TOP FIVE!!___________________________________________________

5. Very striking Mahmud A. Asar cover for Dynamo 5.

It really pops off the page.___________________________________________________

4. Ladronn infuses such emotion in his pieces when he has his mojo working.

Still, he does the "whole face on the cover" schtick a BIT too much for me to have it ranked even higher.___________________________________________________

3. I really love the way that Hickman draws the reader's eye where he wants it to go.

A really nice creation.___________________________________________________

2. Manny Trembley makes up for the other Sam Noir cover with this much stronger piece.

Covers like these are usually difficult to convey the idea being expressed, as it is a bit too subtle, but Trembley really pays it off here.

A LITTLE more prominent, and it would be #1.___________________________________________________

1. This awesome Tom Scioli cover for the Godland collection takes my top spot this month.

What brilliant cover design.

Place this cover amongst a bunch of other collections, and it truly "pops."___________________________________________________

Well, that's it for me!

Feel free to tell me your prejudices, and your top five covers!

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