Judging (DC's May) Books By Their Covers

DC's May Solicitations are up, so now is as good a time as any for us to make prejudgments based just on the covers (as we all love to make prejudgments, don't we?).

Let's begin! ___________________________________________________

While I am not too impressed with the drawing of the Legionnaires in the background, otherwise, this is a nice Renato Guedes cover for Action Comics.

That Action Comics has had two fill-in artists and a FOUR-MONTH delay is just a bizarre statement on the silliness of the whole "get a hot artist without actually expecting him to, you know, draw anything," but that's neither here nor there.___________________________________________________

I really liked the first cover of Amazons Attack, but while there is still a lot of good about this cover (it IS Pete Woods, after all), enough of this cover annoys me to keep it from an honorable mention.

Black Lightning looks ree-dick-you-less.___________________________________________________

Impressive Celia Calle American Virgin cover.

I appreciate covers willing to take a chance with non-realistic styles of art.___________________________________________________

This is a wonderfully drawn Aquaman, but man, Mario Alberti, have him do SOMETHING!

It's not even, like, an iconic pose or anything - where I can understand why the person is not doing anything (like Darwyn Cooke's first cover for the Spirit).___________________________________________________

Nice Ladronn Atom cover.


Very cute Cully Hamner Blue Beetle cover.

I dig it (although Blue Beetle's costume continues to be hideous).___________________________________________________

I LOVE the idea of actually doing a comic book to "commemorate" the 666th issue of a comic book.


I also like Morrison's design for the cover, and while I do not think Kubert did a bad job executing Morrison's concept, nor do I think he did a particularly good job either.___________________________________________________

Strong Dave McCaig Batman Strikes cover.

Nothing quite as nice as taking TWO neat cover ideas (loads of Poison Ivy clones filling the cover and Batman being de-aged) and putting them together.___________________________________________________

Okay, so I think enough covers have gone by that I can now officially say that the Cartoon Network anthologies have the routine of "One story gets the full cover while the other two stories get little circles on the cover" is an editorial decision, not a creative one. So with that in mind, I will no longer critique the practice when discussing Cartoon Network covers, because it is not fair to criticize an artist for doing something he/she was told to do.

That being said, strong cover by Travis Kotzebue for this Cartoon Network Action Pack cover.

Would a joke about "so THIS is what happened to Mike Rogo and Robin and Susan after they escaped from the ship" be WAY too obscure?

Thought so.

ANYhoo, Robert Pope does a nice job with this Cartoon Network Block Party cover.


Okay, how weird is this? Outsiders and Checkmate are having a crossover, so they did a diptych, but NOT a triptych? Even though it sure SEEMS like it's MEANT to be a triptych, no?

It sure SEEMS like it, doesn't it? But I don't see where the first one can connect to the other two.

Oh, and please, why do we have to keep seeing that new costume for Katana? It is frighteningly awful.___________________________________________________

JH Williams has been doing some trippy covers for Crossing Midnight.

I don't love them.___________________________________________________

If it weren't for the fact that Hammer and Sickle look impossibly dorky on this cover, this Adam Hughes cover would be really high this month.

Very nicely designed cover - but handicapped by the utter silliness that is Hammer and Sickle.___________________________________________________

Strong D'Anda cover for Deathblow.


Hmmm...while the idea of having another artist redraw the faces on another artist's work is generally poor form, when I look at Paul Gulacy covers, I can see where the impulse might come from...

What a nice cover otherwise.___________________________________________________

Nice Danger Girl cover by Nick Bradshaw.

Strong cover layout.___________________________________________________

Clever cover concept by Brian Wood.


Wow, an Ex Machina cover that looks like ties into the plot - woah!

Nicely turned, Tony Harris.___________________________________________________

What a bizarre Philip Bond cover for Exterminators...

And not GOOD bizarre!___________________________________________________

Nice James Jean Fables cover.

Very ominous.___________________________________________________

So, is Tony Daniel the new Flash artist?

This is a nice cover for the book. Some of Daniel's best cover work of late.___________________________________________________

Nicely iconic pose cover by Scott McDaniel.

When did Andy Owens become McDaniel's inker? Who was inking McDaniel before him?___________________________________________________

Wow, Carlo Barberi can ape Talent Caldwell like nobody's business!

Why he is doing that, however, is beyond me.___________________________________________________


Very nicely drawn Robin cover by Gleason, except, well, a super dark ROBIN cover? Seems kinda silly.

This Green Lantern Corps cover is a little worse, but still a strong cover (Gleason work is almost always strong, so I do not know why he is not drawing, like, Justice League of America or something)

However, isn't it kinda creepy to sign your signature in blood on a cover? ___________________________________________________


First, here's Ron Lim's Mystery in Space cover...it is not THAT bad, as it sorta seems logical what Captain Comet and the Weird are doing on this cover (sorta)...

but what the heck are Green Lantern and Star Sapphire doing on this Ivan Reis Green Lantern cover!?!

And is that her costume design, or is it ripped strategically?___________________________________________________

This is the most laid back "strangled by evil vines" cover that I can imagine.


Some movement, Ryan Benjamin, please!___________________________________________________

Wow, I cannot be the only one who is impressed as heck by Chaykin avoiding giving Superman a...ahem...super package, can I?

Heck, he also avoided the exposed nipples on Hawkgirl! Wow...it is a downright child-friendly cover!


And nicely done, Mr. Chaykin.___________________________________________________

I am not a fan of this Sami Basri JLA Classified cover at all.

The execution is poor, and I do not think the layout is all that impressive either.


The black background hurts Turner here, as it serves to highlight his anatomy troubles. That is why, still, the best Turner covers are the ones where he uses photo-manipulation to obscure stuff like that.___________________________________________________

I loves me some Ty Templeton, and he continues to be great with the cover designs, but the execution here is a bit stiff, I think.


Nicely done by Phil Noto.

Draws in the reader nicely.___________________________________________________

"Blast! I forgot my hands are not invulnerable to my powers!"


Decent Steve Uy Legion of Superheroes cover.


Another strong Loveless cover from Marcelo Frusin.

When will we see some sequential work from him again?___________________________________________________

Impressive Darick Robertson Midnighter cover, although it's a bit on the "inventory cover" side of the fence.


I like this Jonboy Meyers cover.

I especially dig the body language.___________________________________________________

Hey, remember when Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel worked on Nightwing? Remember that? It was successful.

And then, they both left the book, and the sales went down.

Then, they both came back to the book, and sales went up.

Weird, huh?

Must have been a fluke.

Nice drawing by Jamal Igle, but I think I've had enough of "Nightwing flying through the air" covers. ___________________________________________________

Remember when the only thing that sprung from Supergirl's back were wings made out of fire?

How could THEN possibly be considered the halcyon days!?!?

The new DC - there's no stopping us now!___________________________________________________

Some weird facial expressions by Kitson for this Legion cover.


Nice Hampton drawing of Zauriel for Shadowpact.

I miss Zauriel.___________________________________________________

I gotta say, while I don't necessarily LIKE it, this Pat Lee cover is not that bad.

It actually seems kinda fun.

I wonder who drew it.___________________________________________________

Seems a bit of a laid back Superman cover by Pacheco.

Like, too laid back.

And is that robot checking out Power Girl's chest?___________________________________________________

What is that dude wearing on this Supernatural cover?

I don't watch Supernatural.

Should I be watching it?___________________________________________________

This is a trippy David Lapham cover for his Silverfish graphic novel.

I like it.___________________________________________________

Fairly bland Doug Mahnke cover for Stormwatch. Nicely drawn images, though!


Nice, traditional cover for Testament by Liam Sharp.

Very old school.___________________________________________________

Even the guy who DRAWS the Spectre comic inside the comic (Eric Battle) tries his best to avoid drawing the stupid goatee!

Go Eric!___________________________________________________

Googe's cartoony art style doesn't really work well with this cover theme.


Nice layout by Randy Green for this Teen Titans cover, but the same thing I just said about Googe applies hee, too.


I love the amount of action Todd Nauck fits into this Teen Titans cover.

Fun stuff.___________________________________________________

It's been months since I could comprehend a Wetworks cover.

So this cover is at least a step-up!

I can figure out what's going on on the cover!___________________________________________________

Interesting cover for Wonder Woman by the Dodsons.


HONORABLE MENTIONS___________________________________________________

Just the other day, I was asking a friend of mine, "Hey, is Mike Carey gonna do anything else with Sonny Liew?"

And lo and behold!

So far, MINX is two for two with appealing cover designs.___________________________________________________

Jock knocks another one out of the park!

I have to confess, though, to not enjoying Scalped so far. Someone convince me I should be enjoying Scalped!___________________________________________________

Dave Johnson just comes up with cool cover ideas every other second, doesn't he?


Bold Rick Veitch cover for Army@Love.

Nicely done.___________________________________________________

Perhaps a cliche cover theme, but Stephane Roux pulls it off quite well.

Some nice nepotistic continuity, as well.___________________________________________________

Very strong James Jean cover for this Fables trade collection.

Perfectly captures the spirit of the storyline.___________________________________________________

This Robert Pope cover just barely missed the top five.

A clever idea executed extremely well.


TOP FIVE!!!___________________________________________________

5. A very clever cover design by Matt Haley, executed very well, as well.

One of the best covers I've ever seen from Haley (and he's had some quite good covers).___________________________________________________

4. I love the manic energy on this Spirit cover by Darwyn Cooke.

So busy, while still not losing coherence.


3. Why in heaven's name is Ryan Sook wasting his brilliance on Friday the 13th covers?!?

This cover is awesome, but come on, man, it's Friday the 13th!!!

Imagine Sook's powers used for GOOD!!!___________________________________________________

2. Lee Bermejo is on a roll (pun unintended, I promise!) with his Hellblazer covers.

He really knows how to take "photo-realism," and actually DO something with it!

All this while tying into the plot? Awesome.___________________________________________________

1. When it comes to commemorative issues, you don't get much better than this Scott Gross Looney Tunes cover.

Simply divine.

And by the by, in the Looney Tunes issue, there is art by Neal Sternecky, Stephen DeStefano, Peter Bagge, Bob Fingerman, Scott Shaw!, Mike Kunkel, Aaron Renier and Chynna Clugston!!!

All that PLUS this awesome cover?!?! What more can a good comic fan want?!___________________________________________________

Well, that's it for me! Feel free to share YOUR prejudices (and your top fives)!!

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