Judge tells former Charlie Brown actor 'don't be a blockhead'

Paraphrasing Lucy van Pelt, a California judge on Wednesday sentenced the original voice of Charlie Brown to a year in jail for threatening his ex-girlfriend and stalking her plastic surgeon, and then released to a residential drug-treatment facility.

Handing down an additional five-year probation and an order to pay $15,000 in restitution, Superior Court Judge Dwayne Moring cautioned former actor Peter Robbins, "If I can borrow a line from Peanuts, sir, I'm going to grant [you] probation. If you adhere to those terms, you won’t go to prison. So, don’t be a blockhead."

NBC San Diego reports the 56-year-old Robbins, who's addicted to alcohol and prescription medication, cracked a smile upon hearing the judge's words. If he violates the terms of probation, Robbins could face nearly four years in prison; he's already served four months in jail.

Now a real-estate agent in Oceanside, California, Robbins was just 9 years old when he was cast to voice Charles M. Schulz’s round-headed kid for the 1965 television special A Charlie Brown Christmas. He reprised that role in five more specials, including It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Charlie Brown All-Stars and in the 1969 feature film A Boy Named Charlie Brown. He appeared in his final Peanuts animated project, 1969′s It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown, at age 13.

He was arrested in January on an outstanding warrant while returning to California from Mexico, and arraigned on four felony counts of making a threat to cause bodily harm or great bodily injury and one count of stalking. After a breakup, Robbins called his girlfriend up to 37 times within a 24-hour period and threatened to kill her and her son if she didn't return his car and his dog. He began stalking the girlfriend's plastic surgeon, demanding a refund for her breast enhancement. Robbins pleaded guilty last month.

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