'Judge Minty' fan filmmakers take on 'Strontium Dog'

The team behind the well-received Judge Dredd fan film Judge Minty is turning its cameras to another long-running 2000AD comic strip, John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s Strontium Dog.

“It was a chance meeting with John at a convention that got the ball rolling," co-director Steve Green said in a statement. "After seeing Minty, John mentioned that we should do Strontium Dog next. It was only a passing comment, but we took it as a 'direct commandment' and began work the next day.”

With production already at the halfway mark, the filmmakers have released a handful of early stills, along with a piece or original art commissioned from Ezquerra.

Debuting in 1978 in the short-lived U.K. weekly Starlord before making the move to 2000AD, Strontium Dog centers on Johnny Alpha, the most famous member of the Strontium Dogs, a group of mutant bounty hunters who track down criminals from a space station orbiting Earth. Among Johnny's greatest achievements is bringing Adolf Hitler to the future to stand trial.

No release date for the Strontium Dog fan film has been announced.

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