'Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection' takes to the air with TV spot

To promote the Wednesday debut of Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection -- themed hardcover editions released every two weeks -- publisher 2000 AD is using an appropriately mega-sized approach: a 20-second television commercial set to air on multiple channels across the United Kingdom. You can watch it below.

Beginning with Issue 1: "America," the 1990-92 serial by John Wagner and Colin MacNeil, Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection gathers the definitive stories and creators from the strip's 38-year history, arranged thematically and "in an order chosen by the experts at Rebellion to give new and old readers alike a coherent and immersive reading experience."

See more information about the special editions, including the image formed by the spines when all the books are lined up, see the Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection website.

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