Judge Dredd Megazine #332

2000 AD's bumper monthly sister magazine, the Judge Dredd Megazine, is out this week online - with 64 pages of action from Dredd's world and beyond! With DREDD 3D now out on DVD and Blu-Ray, Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson team up in Alan Grant and Jon Davis-Hunt's Judge Dredd: The Pits, there's eastern Judge action in Hondo-City Justice: Revenge of the 47 Ronin by Robbie Morrison with art by Mike Collins, Cliff Robinson, and Len O'Grady, there's futuristic identity theft in American Reaper by Pat Mills with Clint Langley and Fay Dalton, and reality-bending Judge Dredd action in Inversion by Arthur Wyatt and David Roach. Roach is also the subject of our latest Interrogation feature and Alec Worley pens a new Judge Dredd short story in Apology Accepted. Judge Dredd Megazine #332 is available day-and-date from the 2000 AD online shop at http://shop.2000adonline.com"

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