Judge Dredd: Dead Zone TPB

Story by
Art by
Henry Flint, Richard Elson
Letters by
Annie Parkhouse
Cover by

When plunder turns to murder in mines tunnelling into mass burial pits, Judge Dredd discovers that sometimes what the dead take to their graves should stay buried! Following the critically-acclaimed mega-epic Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos, Judge Dredd: Dead Zone is the latest UK and North American release from 2000 AD - a sickening dive into the black industry that revolves around mopping up after the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. With more masterful storytelling by John Wagner and stunning art by fan-favourite Henry Flint, Dead Zone sees Dredd investigate a murder at the Chaos Day memorial to its victims. There, he comes across a slave ring in which people are being sent into the bowels of the earth to rob the bodies of the dead. Judge Dredd: Dead Zone is available in print in both North America and the UK from all good book and comic book stores, as well as DRM-free digital from www.2000ADonline.com and through the 2000 AD iPad and Android apps.

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