JSA vs. Kobra #6

Story by
Art by
Michael Babinski, Don Kramer
Colors by
Art Lyon
Letters by
Pat Brosseau
Cover by
DC Comics

Trautmann has proven that he can write a good suspense story with the final issue of this six-issue story. Playing upon the strengths of many of these characters -- from the stubbornness of Power Girl to the resourcefulness of Mr. Terrific to the cunning deviousness of Jason Burr -- Trautmann gives most of these characters a chance to shine a little bit. In doing so, he makes this issue feel thicker than its twenty-two pages.

No stranger to the JSA, Don Kramer turns in his very best work with these characters, as evidenced on the two-page spread of the team as they face down three Kobra agents. The fifteen heroes are presented as pillars of strength. Collectively, they are an impassable obstacle that can change the tide of battle. Kramer's skill doesn't stop with rendering the first hero team of the DC Universe. Kramer makes the Kobra clutch frightful and disturbing. Jason Burr's cracking countenance is creepy and the blood magic that spews forth serpents is downright disgusting. Kramer takes it a step further, filling the "backgrounds" of pages with snakeskin, giving it further depth and drawing the visual cues throughout the entire book.

Trautmann manages to keep the focus wide in this issue- - playing to the team -- while giving Mr. Terrific a large chunk of the solo spotlight. In doing so, Trautmann guides Terrific's growth as a character, something that hasn't happened in the pages of a "Justice Society of America" comic in quite a while. That's more a testimony to Trautmann's ability to balance the small and large picture and less a disparaging remark towards the accomplishments of the regular JSA series.

In his focus on the big picture, Trautmann astutely realizes that the threat of Kobra cannot simply be snuffed out. Truly a terrorist organization, Kobra has sunk its fangs into the populace of the DCU. Citizens will be jumping at shadows and cowering in fear when Kobra rises again. They know their beloved Justice Society saved them once, and those citizens will just have to hope the JSA can stop them again.

Trautmann has made a case to be placed on a team book -- and soon. I just hope he can take Kramer with him and that the two of them are given a good amount of lead time so the book -- whatever it may be, whenever it may occur -- has a chance to shine as brightly as this title.

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