Jovovich And Anderson Return For <i>Resident Evil: Retribution</i>

Hey, look at that! Here comes confirmation of another Resident Evil movie! Woo-hoo! Milla Jovovich will be returning to star and Paul W.S. Anderson will once again direct Resident Evil: Retribution (he also wrote the screenplay), Bloody Disgusting reports. This will be the fifth film in the series, following last year's Afterlife. Anderson also directed Jovovich, his wife, in the first and fourth movies.

No story details were revealed, though there's plenty of time before the Sept. 14, 2012, release that Sony Screen Gems has planned. Production will kick off in October, with shoots happening in Canada and Japan. BD also hears that Sienna Guillory's character Jill Valentine will be re-cast, and that S.T.A.R.S. agent Barry Burton and government agent Leon Kennedy will be characters as well. You can also probably expect to see a zombie or two. Call it "informed speculation."

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