"Journey 2" Writers Adapting Millar & Quitely's "Jupiter's Legacy" for the Big Screen

Scribes Brian and Mark Gunn ("Journey 2") have been tapped to write the big-screen adaptation of the acclaimed "Jupiter's Legacy" Image Comics series. The multigenerational drama about the aimless descendants of superheroes was co-created by industry veterans Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. Millar is producing the film adaptation with Lorenzo di Bonaventura ("Transformers," "Constantine").

According to ComicBook.com, "The Gunns met with Millar yesterday and are currently hard at work on the screenplay."

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They told the site, "We love that it's a superhero story about families. How it takes big superhero iconography and makes it relatable to anyone who wrestles with their relationship to their mom or dad, or brother or sister, or son or daughter. It feels very human-sized," adding, "...when we were growing up we struggled with this family legacy - this burden of living up to the standards of those who came before us, this sense that the past was noble and glamorous while our lives were somehow less than, a falling off. Some of us from this current generation have gone on to do cool things - while others of us have dealt with feeling like misfits and disappointments. It's this struggle which is at the heart of 'Jupiter's Legacy,' and which we're really excited to bring to the screen."

After the success of the original "Jupiter's Legacy," a prequel series called "Jupiter's Circle" was released in 2015. A sequel series, "Jupiter's Legacy 2," launches at the end of the month, from the same creative team of Millar and Quitely.

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The "Jupiter's Legacy" film adaptation still hasn't been given a release date.

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