Joss Whedon's <i>Cabin In The Woods</i> Is Actually Coming Out!

It's amazing what a director and star's involvement in a multi-movie, multimedia, multi-billion-dollar franchise can do for their earlier work together on a little-known, long-shelved project. Joss Whedon co-wrote the MGM horror flick Cabin in the Woods in 2009 with Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard, who also directed. What's more, Thor and Avengers star Chris Hemsworth has one of the movie's lead roles. It was originally set for release in early 2010, but was delayed to make room for a 3D conversion. That delay stretched out indefinitely in the wake of MGM's November bankruptcy filing.

It's a sad day when the studio wants to release a finished movie (save for the 3D) that fans are excited to see, only it can't because of the costs involved. Thankfully, that day is over. MGM is reportedly inking a deal with Lionsgate, which will serve as distributor, to get the movie into theaters, Deadline reveals. There's no word on when the movie will be out, but October seems likely for reasons that should be fairly obvious. It is also unclear on whether the movie will still be converted to 3D, or if that conversion was completed previously.

Now if only Lionsgate would make it a package deal and bring out MGM's finished Red Dawn remake, too ...

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