Joshua Ortega on Frank Frazetta's Sorcerer

"Frank Frazetta's Sorceror" will return readers to the Frazettaverse, the new universe established in the hit Image Comics titles such as "Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer," "Frank Frazetta's Swamp Demon," and the upcoming "Frank Frazetta's Silver Warrior" and "Frazetta's Dark Kingdom."

"Frank Frazetta's Sorceror," which will reunite the acclaimed art team of Josh Medors and Jay Fotos ("Runes Of Ragnon," "Frank Frazetta's Swamp Demon"), is written by novelist and game writer Joshua Ortega ("Frazetta's Death Dealer," "The Necromancer," "Gears Of War 2"). We spoke with him about the project.

CBR: Joshua, this book marks your return to the world of Frazetta Comics. Do you want to explain a bit about the "Frazettaverse" and what you, Nat Jones, and Jay Fotos are trying to achieve with this line of comics and graphic novels?

Joshua Ortega: From the start of Frazetta Comics, we planned on having a Frazettaverse that would connect the various Frazetta fantasy paintings into a cohesive whole. It's rare that you get a chance to create a brand new, self-contained universe in comics, and it's even rarer--dare I say impossible--to ever have covers that could rival the power and artistic mastery of Frank Frazetta. Yeah, I'll be honest, Frazetta is pretty damn incomparable.

We've been doing our best to make sure to focus most of the stories on a cohesive universe that has extremely tight continuity, while at the same time making some "side projects" available for talented writers and artists such as Steve Niles, Rick Remender, and Mark Kidwell ("Frank Frazetta's Dracula Vs. The Wolfman," "Frank Frazetta's Creatures," "Frank Frazetta's Freedom").

"Frank Frazetta's Sorcerer" is very much part of the major Frazettaverse continuity. It ties into "Death Dealer," "Swamp Demon," "Neanderthal," "Moon Maid," and the upcoming "Silver Warrior." As readers see what we've been planning over the last few years, I think they'll be quite pleased with the depth of stories and continuity that we're creating.

Do you want to tell us a little bit about the story in "Frank Frazetta's Sorcerer?"

In a nutshell, "Sorcerer" tells the story of Ujo Dasa, a dark sorcerer of Edani who plays a major role in the rise of the demons (as seen in "FF's Death Dealer") and the downfall of the Druidic Order. It also delves into the reasons behind the Oro-Edani civil war that was first seen in "FF's Death Dealer."

Fans of the Frazetta Comics should really really dig it, and I also think those who are not familiar with the Frazetta line will enjoy it as well. We definitely wrote it for everyone, not just hardcore Frazettaverse fans!

You and Josh Medors have collaborated on a few projects now. Do you feel that your style complements his, and vice-versa?

I would hope so. Of course, you never know until you get the reader feedback but "Swamp Demon" was well-received and I think Josh is doing some of the best work of his career on "Sorcerer." The guy's an amazing talent, and I hope this book helps solidify him as one of most talented artists around. His line work has amazing detail, and you can really see the heart he's putting into this book...fantastic stuff!

Can we expect more Frazettaverse books coming from you soon?

Definitely. We've carefully been creating an interconnected world of Frazetta paintings over the last few years, and we're going to make sure to continue giving readers bold, epic tales in the style of "Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer." Each one will have its own flavor, but we're going to do our best to make sure that each story is important and relevant to the world of Agadah and the land of Iparsia. We've got some great stuff coming up in the next few years, and we'll be looking forward to delivering these books into the hands of readers everywhere!

"The Fantastic Worlds of Frazetta Vol 1. Frazetta's Neanderthal" hits stores April 22. "Frank Frazetta's Sorcerer" is due in stores June 24. For more on Frazetta Comics, visit www.myspace.com/frazettacomics

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