Joshua Hale Fialkov Signs Exclusive Deal with Oni Press

Joshua Hale Fialkov and Oni Press have taken their relationship to the next level. As revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fialkov has signed a new deal with Oni, making the Portland-basd publisher the exclusive home for his creator-owned works.

"The thing that means the most to me about being published [by Oni] at all, is that their logo, when it's on the side of a book means in no uncertain terms, quality," Fialkov told THR. "They've curated their line for the 20-plus years they've been publishing. When I was first getting back into reading comics, the one constant was that Oni books were always awesome. 'Queen and Country,' 'Blue Monday,' 'Love Fights,' the Kevin Smith books, 'Scott Pilgrim' and on and on."

Fialkov already has two series at Oni; "The Bunker," with artist Joe Infurnari and "The Life After," drawn by Gabo. A third is on the way, titled "Jeff Steinberg: Champion of Earth," to be co-written and illustrated by Tony Fleecs.

"It's a sci-fi slacker comedy, about a video store clerk who is chosen to represent mankind in an epic battle for our survival," Fialkov said. "And yes, it's set in the present."

Fialkov, also a writer for current NBC TV series "Chicago Med," has written for a variety of publishers in his career, including Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, Top Cow and more. He told THR he's not ruling out writing Marvel or DC characters again at some point in the future, though it's not where he's focused.

"I love those characters," Fialkov, who is writing the upcoming "Godzilla: Oblivion" for IDW Publishing, said. "I think they're so valuable to the medium, and getting people into the medium. In a way that's impossible to do almost any way that isn't via Robert Kirkman and his zombies."

The third collected volume of "The Life After" is scheduled for release in July from Oni, and is listed with the publisher's recently released May 2016 solicitations.

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