Joshua Fialkov Exits "Green Lantern Corps," "Red Lanterns"

UPDATE 3/20/2013 3:45 PM PT: DC Comics Executive Director of Publicity Alex Segura has confirmed via Twitter that Joshua Hale Fialkov's replacements will be "Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer" writer Van Jensen with co-plotting by Robert Venditti on "Green Lantern Corps," while incoming "Swamp Thing" writer Charles Soule will take on "Red Lanterns."

Only hours after writer Andy Diggle confirmed his exit from "Action Comics," Bleeding Cool posted a report claiming that Joshua Hale Fialkov has made a similar exit from "Green Lantern Corps" and "Red Lanterns."

CBR News has confirmed independently that this is the case, with Fialkov walking away from the titles due to creative differences.

It was only weeks ago that DC Comics announced Fialkov as one of four writers taking the reins of the GL franchise from the departing Geoff Johns and his team of collaborators. At the end of February, Fialkov expressed his enthusiasm for bringing his own sensibility to the Lantern universe. "For me, the attraction was that I wanted to tell a crime story on a galactic level. That was my pitch to DC," he said. "Geoff and all of the other guys have done such an amazing job, prior to us, of telling those big, giant space operas. Now it's time to narrow it down. Let's do stories that almost fall into a different genre while still being in the Green Lantern universe."

Who will replace Fialkov and how many issues of the title will see print with his name remains to be seen. Stay tuned to CBR News for more on this story as it develops.

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