Joshn Middleton makes his Marvel, signs exclusive

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[Karma]Marvel Comics is pleased to announce that artist JoshUA Middleton has agreedto an exclusive creator contract with the publisher through the year 2004.Middleton will be brining his unique brand of comic book art to Marvel asregular cover artist of the May-debuting NEW MUTANTS ongoing series, as wellas interior artist for the enigmatic "NYX" series, debuting later in 2003.

Middleton's agreement gives him the opportunity to pursue all aspects of theartistic process for his Marvel work - from pencils to inks to colors ... achallenge the artist has enthusiastically accepted.

"What has pleased me so much is Marvel's willingness to embrace my process,allowing me to create good work the only way I feel I've been successful -on my own," said Middleton. "It has not been my experience that this isnormally the case in the mainstream arena, so the notion that I could workfor Marvel Comics and be able to handle every aspect of the art is justremarkable."

Middleton described the "heart" of his relationship with Marvel as, "Toproduce something beautiful, and hopefully memorable."

"Marvel has made it possible for me to draw something I can believe in onthe grand stage, provided all the support such an endeavor requires, and hasrewarded me for choosing to give it everything I have," the artist said.

Middleton's agreement with Marvel also allows him to continue work on hismuch-anticipated creator-owned project, "Sky Between Branches".

[Magma]"There was never a question of what to do with "Sky between Branches", asMarvel offered from the outset to allow me to continue on with the projectshould I desire to do so," said Middleton.

"I've been such a huge fan of Josh's work, but it wasn't until I saw thework he was doing in 'Sky Between Branches' that it became very evident thatthis guy was onto something completely different and stylisticallyunexplored in comics," said Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "Hisimpeccable draftsmanship coupled with great storytelling and a unique colorsensibility makes Josh, in my mind, one of the hottest new talents to keepan eye on. I so firmly believe this that I... hmm, actually, that's anannouncement for another day!

"We're thrilled that Josh has come on board and joined the Marvel family. Sofar he's thrilled Marvelites with his beautiful covers and a few pages hereand there, just wait until he sinks his teeth into one of our ongoingbooks!"

NEW MUTANTS, an ongoing series by writers Nunzio DeFilippis & ChristinaWeir, with pencils by Keron Grant and covers by Josh Middleton, debuts May21st.

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