Josh Williamson Breaks Down Flash War's Fallout, Zoom & THAT Major Return

Speaking of the new Forces, can you talk a bit about the Still Force? It's the one we haven't really seen in action and it feels very mysterious.

It's the opposite of about moving forward, the opposite of keeping things in motion. Like, if you think about the the multiverse running an engine that constantly has a foot on the gas, the Still Force is like putting on the emergency brake. If you do that when you're moving, you've crashed your car, right? In the opposite reaction. It's all about not moving, never moving, to the point where entropy and breakdown start to happen -- all that stuff Scott [Snyder] is doing [in Justice League] starts to happen.

It's not about going backwards, though... There's a scene in Justice League #7, I think. It's one of my favorite scenes Scott's ever done. It really dives into a lot of this stuff -- so I think a lot of the answers that will be there, eventually.

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At the end of "Flash War," Hunter Zolomon is still out there, he's still at large. What's next for him? And what's next for Wally and Barry?

Hunter has a plan. Hunter has a lot of stuff he needs to do and that'll all be explored -- It'll be a while, though, because I really want to focus on some other stuff in the book. And I think moving forward with Barry especially -- Barry's still the Flash but right now, but the stuff that I'm writing for him -- it's been gearing up for a really long time, trying to solidify who Barry is and what separates him from Wally.

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I think showing you different ideas of who the Flashes are is a big part of it. In #50, we see that Wally is the fastest man alive, but he got there because of Barry inspiring and motivating him. That says something about both characters, and that's a testament to Barry, that he's the character that inspires you. That's what make him the Flash, that's what separates him from everyone else.

Before I let you go, can you tease anything we can expect to see coming up?

Things are going to slow down a little bit with the new Forces arc coming up against everything but then, by issue 58, we're just going to ramp up. I look at everything, and I'm like, "Oh, my God, this story is getting bigger and bigger." The villain that we introduced at the end of 50, that's going to be a big, big player. The quest for Barry to become the fastest man alive again will be a big part of the story.

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