Josh Williamson Breaks Down Flash War's Fallout, Zoom & THAT Major Return

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for The Flash #50 by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi and Steve Wands, on sale now.

Flash #50 is officially on shelves and brought with it sever major revelations for the Rebirth-era DC Universe. Not only did it feature the return of a beloved character who hasn't been around since before the New 52, it also heavily teased what's to come for the entire Flash Family and beyond. "Flash War" may have reached its conclusion, but the story is far from over.

With the Source Wall shattered and the Speed Force in chaos, Hunter Zolomon has successfully tapped into mysterious other forces -- the Sage Force and the Strength Force -- and he's looking for a way to access the mysterious Still Force to have the complete set. Worse yet? He's still very much at large and no one is quite sure what to expect from him next.

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We sat down with writer Joshua Williamson to get a look at what, exactly, Hunter might have on his mind, what to expect from the recently returned Impulse, and just where the Flash might be running next.

CBR: So I have to ask about Bart. The Force Wall broke, and that's where he's coming back from, we know that much, but where is he fitting into the whole picture? Does anyone remember him? He hasn't actually been acknowledged yet as far as the people having these temporal seizures are concerned. Now that he's back, will people know who he is?

Joshua Williamson: I can't really get into that too much, because it's stuff that hasn't been announced yet, but there's a very big plan. I can probably give you my answer next month, but I can't talk about it yet. That was the thing about timing this the way that we did. I wanted to make sure that it was actually something that would surprise people. That meant doing it a little bit in advance.

So that means you probably can't talk about the way we get a look at some other members of the Flash family here, too. We've been teased with Jay for a while now, but now that Hypertime and time travel are off the table, is that something that we can also just kind of expect to come later? What's coming up?

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One thing is from the beginning is, really, that a lot of the stuff we did in Flash #50 is sort of giving you a peek idea of stories we're going to be telling in The Flash for a while. It's really neat, kind of laying it out on the table before hand.

We're going to get through a lot in the next issues, which are going to explore a little bit of the new course -- it's all about Wally and what Wally is going through, post-war. I don't think it's secret what's happening with Wally after this, and what book he's going into -- so you can, you know, you can fill in the blanks. Then, [Flash] #52 through 57 are all about the new Forces and realizing how dangerous they are.

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