Josh Medors' "Willow Creek" postponed

Official Press Release

As reported last month, Josh Medors, artist and co-creator of Zenescope Entertainment's new werewolf series WILLOW CREEK had to undergo spinal surgery in December of '07 after doctors discovered a tumor on his spine. Following Medors' successful rehab he was able to continue work on the series, however within the last 6 weeks Josh was required to undergo further treatment which has set back his recovery. In lieu of Josh's current treatment Zenescope has postponed the next issues of WILLOW CREEK indefinitely. "Right now Josh's treatment and recovery absolutely comes first and foremost. When Josh is ready to get back to work, he will, but until that point he needs to focus on what's important and that's getting 100% better." said Zenescope VP Ralph Tedesco. He has so many supporters through all of this and not only has the industry been supportive but all of the fans have been phenomenal in showing their adoration and I know Josh can't express enough how much that means to him."

Last month several comic creators, publishers and fans joined forces to hold the Josh Medors' benefit auction at the Emerald City Comic Con. The benefit helped raise over $10,000 to go toward Josh's treatment.

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